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  • Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    Jul 10

    Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    In uncertain times, people are looking for positive experiences to boost their happiness index. We'd like to focus your attention on all the benefits of skydiving you probably didn't even know existed.

  • Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    May 14

    Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    Considering a tandem skydive? Wondering who packed your parachute at the dropzone? Learn all about parachute rigging and what it takes to become certified.

  • Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Apr 25

    Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Many a newbie skydiver has asked him/herself: Can I get altitude sickness from skydiving? It stands to reason that yes, it's indeed a possibility. But we have all the tips and tricks that can help you prevent that from happening. Read on.


    Apr 23


    "We hire our staff based on qualifications related to skydiving and hospitality. We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, race, gender or religious affiliation. Personally, I have family members who are gay and it has always been my position to be supportive of gay rights and the LGBTQ community. We are all the same and we do not tolerate discrimination."

    -Owner, Brian Erler

  • What is a Halo Jump?

    Apr 19

    What is a Halo Jump?

    What is a HALO jump? In short - it is a high altitude skydiving jump, typically used by the military. These days though, civilians can get in on the fun as well. How, you ask? Here's all you need to know.

  • Skydiving Does Not Discriminate

    Apr 9

    Skydiving Does Not Discriminate

    Looking for a crowd that doesn't discriminate and revels in an atmosphere of pure acceptance? Consider your local dropzone.

  • Skydiving vs Bungee Jumping

    Mar 18

    Skydiving vs Bungee Jumping

    Which is better: skydiving or bungee jumping? They are both awesome sports in their own right, and totally, completely, entirely, 100%, unmistakably different. If you're an adventurous soul, you owe it to yourself to try both!

  • Best Shoes For Skydiving

    Jan 31

    Best Shoes For Skydiving

    Are you getting ready to make a skydive and wondering what you should sport from head to toe? While there are no specific "best shoes for skydiving", here's what you need to know.

  • What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

    Jan 31

    What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

    We know the conundrum: What to wear for your first time skydiving? It's going to be warm on the ground, chilly at altitude - and you wanna ace that skydiving video. Not to worry - we have your guide to foolproof skydiving fashion that will keep you comfy and looking like a rock star.

  • Terminal Velocity in Skydiving

    Jan 16

    Terminal Velocity in Skydiving

    Wondering what terminal velocity in skydiving is and how it's calculated? Welcome to our physics lab wherein we present you with an easy-to-understand explanation.

  • That Jumping Out of an Airplane Feeling

    Jan 1

    That Jumping Out of an Airplane Feeling

    That jumping out of an airplane feeling is a hard one to describe and an even harder one to forget. For some its all adrenaline, for others it's transcendent. To deconstruct it, let's take a look at the sensory experiences and the science behind them.

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It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to jump again. My instructor was great, experienced, and made me feel at ease. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

» Chanel D.

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