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  • What Are The Skydiving Requirements & Rules?

    Apr 21

    What Are The Skydiving Requirements & Rules?

    Though it might appear like skydivers are a bunch of adrenaline-seekers looking for a thrill, there are strict skydiving rules and regulations that we are required to follow. Skydiving requirements range from weather regulations to age and weight requirements. Adhering to rules like these helps us all to stay safe, which makes doing what we love so much more enjoyable and rewarding. Here's the skinny on skydiving regulations and protocols- -


    Apr 6


    Like many businesses, Skydive Long Island has strategies and procedures in place to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. Skydive Long Island will strive to follow federal, state, and local guidance on how to conduct our business with respect to limiting the spread of Covid-19. We value the health and safety of every student and team member. Please read our updated 2022 Covid-19 Operating Procedures.

  • How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

    Mar 31

    How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

    What to wear skydiving involves a few important considerations. And let's be real, how to look good skydiving is top of mind as well! A little attention toward practicalities in both arenas will help you achieve the very best experience when jumping from an airplane for the first time ...

  • Benefits of Adrenaline from Skydiving

    Mar 21

    Benefits of Adrenaline from Skydiving

    The human body is nothing short of amazing. When called upon, our bodies are capable of operating at a much higher level than when we are at rest. This is called our fight or flight response - a reactive state that we developed over time to preserve our safety and to ensure our success.

  • Skydiving Weddings & Proposals: What You Need To Know

    Feb 28

    Skydiving Weddings & Proposals: What You Need To Know

    Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is a big deal. Setting the stage for a meaningful and memorable proposal is key, and creating an event that is spectacular and original that will make for a great story for years to come will score big-time brownie points. Nothing checks all the boxes like a skydiving engagement! Sound bonkers? It's not! Skydiving proposals and even skydiving weddings are more popular than you might think! Let's get into the details of skydiving marriage proposals -

  • Type of Person Who Skydives

    Feb 21

    Type of Person Who Skydives

    Why do people skydive? What is it about jumping from an airplane that appeals so much to humans? Are skydivers crazy?

    People skydive for a lot of reasons. It's a challenge, a thrill ... the most fun ever. But it is not only a playground for stereotypical, wild-eyed adrenalin junkies. One of the most interesting and fulfilling parts of skydiving is that there is not a single kind of person that does it, and the skydiving community is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life. The important thing to know and understand about the type of person who skydives, is that no matter where they come from, they share some common motivations with other people found at the dropzone and in the sky.

  • Skydiving: What You Don’t Know

    Jan 31

    Skydiving: What You Don’t Know

    How much do you really know about skydiving? If you've never done it before, chances are you're coming up short on your skydiving facts. You probably think it's cool, and you're definitely right about that. You might think jumping out of a plane is something everybody should do at least once, and we certainly agree with you there. What else comes to mind? Maybe, what does skydiving feel like? Or, is skydiving scary? Or the age-old question: does your stomach drop when skydiving?

  • Can You Listen To Music While Skydiving?

    Jan 23

    Can You Listen To Music While Skydiving?

    The songs that make our personal Top 40 are typically a mix of music that amps us up, chills us out, and meets the moment. And it can serve as an important - or even transformative - element to a profound experience. Skydiving most definitely qualifies as a profound experience, and combining your soundtrack with skydiving sounds amazing. But ... it's not quite that simple. Before you make the ultimate modern-day "Songs for Skydiving" mixtape, let's answer the question: Can you listen to music while skydiving?

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