3 Reasons Skydiving Will Change Your Life

3 Reasons Skydiving Will Change Your Life

Published: October 31, 2016

Unless you're going full Talented Mister Ripley, there's only one way to change a life: to change its component parts. You replace one unhealthy way of being with a healthy way that fits in the same place, then repeat the process until everything is brand-new. Right?

Skydiving is a great tool for a busy "lifestyle mechanic" to work through this important stuff. It's a surprisingly versatile tool, too, if we do say so ourselves! Roll up your sleeves, dear reader, and let's get down to it. Here's how the skydiving experience can help you renovate your inner world.

1. It Scrapes The Old Paint Off Of How You Relate To Challenges.

Once you've jumped out the door of an aircraft, you'll never be quite the same person again. The experience of expansiveness, possibility and freedom you experience up there is second to none--and you earned it for yourself by working through your fear.

For a few moments, every grumble and frustration and responsibility that crowds your life is 10,000 feet below you. You're in sole charge of your own destiny up there...and guess what? That feeling sticks. Our guests tell us that their skydive initiated a change in perspective that digs deeper and lasts longer than they ever thought it would.

2. It Sands The Rust From Your Self-confidence.

When you're a little kid, it's pretty easy to be confident. You work through those milestones like it's your day job (as, indeed, it is). You get up and ride the scary "big kids" bike. You use the big slide. You stride up to bat at little league, even though the pitcher is the tallest, toughest kid in class. You build confidence by facing up to the stuff that isn't easy but worth it.

Skydiving helps you get that mojo back. Seriously.

As adults, we tend to use our eating-as-many-cookies-as-we-want, staying-up-as-late-as-we-want superpowers to make life easier for ourselves. If we don't want to show up to the gymnastics class; if we don't want to take the mountain bike down the steepest trail; if we don't want to go to the Crossfit class with the brutal teacher, we just don't do it. Nobody's telling us we have to, anyway. And poof! It makes us soft.

Taking on a challenge like skydiving takes the rust right off of us. After all: if you can jump from an airplane with a Cheshire-cat grin on your face, what can't you do?

3. It Lubricates The Squeaky, Stuck Places In How You Spend Your Time.

This is something of an industry secret, but we'll tell you anyway: Skydiving isn't just about the physical action of jumping out of a plane. It's as much about jumping out of a plane as surfing is about standing on a board in the water, or yoga is about stretching, or as martial arts is about hitting people. It's as much a way of life as it is a sport. The sport of skydiving has its own language; a working philosophy; a welcoming, tight community.

People start skydiving because of that community as much as they do for the feeling of freefall. Once they do, they make friends for life. Everybody does. Ask anybody on the dropzone you like. And guess what? There's a place in this global family for you. Come and see!

Ready for a life-changing skydiving experience in Long Island? Take the leap with Skydive Long Island... we can't wait to introduce you to your new self!

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