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2018 | General

  • Skydiving Dogs

    Nov 23

    Skydiving Dogs

    What's even cooler than an amazing dog? An amazing skydiving dog! Inspired by a few fun videos we've run across recently, we wanted to share some facts and giggles about four-legged flying.

  • The Physics of Skydiving

    Jul 18

    The Physics of Skydiving

    Welcome to our Physics of Skydiving lab! Though you may have snoozed through it in school, we guarantee the physics you'll learn here are not only super fun, but will actually make your first tandem skydive a much more satisfying experience.

  • Burning Man Skydive

    Jun 18

    Burning Man Skydive

    So maybe you've done your first tandem jump with Skydive Long Island, and you want MORE. You've also scored a golden ticket to the Burning Man event in Nevada, and now you're asking yourself: Can I do a Burning Man skydive? Well... read on to learn all about it.

  • Is Skydiving a Sport?

    May 30

    Is Skydiving a Sport?

    Is skydiving a sport? Simply put, the definition of a sport is a "physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs, often engaged in competitively." But the reason skydiving has such staying power is because it is, definitionally, a sport in every way you can define the word. Learn about the various disciplines that define sport skydiving.

  • What Is Skydiving?

    Apr 6

    What Is Skydiving?

    So - what is skydiving? If you want to vault over into the ranks of the savvy, read on and we'll give you insight into what the differences between skydiving, BASE jumping, hang gliding, para gliding and all the other fun gravity sports are.

  • Skydiving Birthdays - and Other Events to Celebrate with a Skydive

    Apr 2

    Skydiving Birthdays - and Other Events to Celebrate with a Skydive

    Some people throw parties. Others kick it up a notch and go the extra mile to mark the special occasion by making it truly memorable - like with a skydiving birthday party. Because nothing clocks in on the "memorable" scale quite like commemorating with a skydive! Here are the top five party times that lend themselves to jumping out of a plane.

  • Why Do Skydivers Wear Helmets?

    Mar 29

    Why Do Skydivers Wear Helmets?

    Ever wondered why skydivers wear helmets? Or what the different types of helmets are for skydiving? Which one should you chose? Read on and learn all about the wonderful world of skydiving helmets.

  • Skydiving for Kids

    Feb 15

    Skydiving for Kids

    Is skydiving for kids? Maybe skydiving was your first love. But then you had kids, and as they grow older, you start asking yourself: Can I involve them? How? Read our tips for how to have the most family skydiving fun!

  • Skydiving Exits: Backflips and so much more

    Jan 29

    Skydiving Exits: Backflips and so much more

    This is it. You're doing it. Nothing can stop you now. You're going SKYDIVING. And there's only one thing you want to know: Can I do any fun skydiving exits out of the plane? Maybe a backflip or a spin out the door?

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