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2019 | First Time Skydiving

  • From Check-In To Landing: What To Expect on The Day of Your Skydive

    Dec 20

    From Check-In To Landing: What To Expect on The Day of Your Skydive

    If it is your first skydive with Skydive Long Island, you might be wondering what the experience will be like. With the following play by play of your day, we hope to put your mind at ease and your questions to rest. Here's what to expect from check-in to landing (and even after).

  • Is Skydiving For Everyone?

    Dec 11

    Is Skydiving For Everyone?

    We'll give you a quick-and-dirty answer: No! Skydiving isn't great for everyone. We love skydiving with everything we've got, but we're totally okay with the fact that -- even side from the minimum age and weight restrictions -- jumping out of a plane isn't right for absolutely everyone. That said: We do want to be clear that skydiving is a great fit for more people than most folks think it is. Slightly contradictory? Sure. Let's dive in.

  • Skydiving Freefall: What To Expect

    Aug 20

    Skydiving Freefall: What To Expect

    Flying is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating experiences imaginable. More than one million people worldwide make a tandem skydive a year. The holy grail every skydiver seeks is the unparalleled high offered up during skydiving freefall. Here's what you can expect.

  • Best Shoes For Skydiving

    Jan 31

    Best Shoes For Skydiving

    Are you getting ready to make a skydive and wondering what you should sport from head to toe? While there are no specific "best shoes for skydiving", here's what you need to know.

  • What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

    Jan 31

    What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

    We know the conundrum: What to wear for your first time skydiving? It's going to be warm on the ground, chilly at altitude - and you wanna ace that skydiving video. Not to worry - we have your guide to foolproof skydiving fashion that will keep you comfy and looking like a rock star.

  • Terminal Velocity in Skydiving

    Jan 16

    Terminal Velocity in Skydiving

    Wondering what terminal velocity in skydiving is and how it's calculated? Welcome to our physics lab wherein we present you with an easy-to-understand explanation.

  • That Jumping Out of an Airplane Feeling

    Jan 1

    That Jumping Out of an Airplane Feeling

    That jumping out of an airplane feeling is a hard one to describe and an even harder one to forget. For some its all adrenaline, for others it's transcendent. To deconstruct it, let's take a look at the sensory experiences and the science behind them.

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