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2019 | Tandem Skydiving

  • Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    Aug 6

    Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    We believe that anytime is the best time to skydive in New York, but we're willing to admit that the skydiving weather definitely drives most folks' experience. The weather conditions for skydiving from season to season vary as much as can be up here in our fair state, and so skydiving in the NYC area can be just about anything you want it to be. Hooray for a skydiving season that doesn't quit!

  • Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    Jul 10

    Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    In uncertain times, people are looking for positive experiences to boost their happiness index. We'd like to focus your attention on all the benefits of skydiving you probably didn't even know existed.

  • Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    May 14

    Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    Considering a tandem skydive? Wondering who packed your parachute at the dropzone? Learn all about parachute rigging and what it takes to become certified.

  • Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Apr 25

    Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Many a newbie skydiver has asked him/herself: Can I get altitude sickness from skydiving? It stands to reason that yes, it's indeed a possibility. But we have all the tips and tricks that can help you prevent that from happening. Read on.

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