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2020 | Tandem Skydiving

  • Is Skydiving Safer Than Driving?

    Oct 29

    Is Skydiving Safer Than Driving?

    Is skydiving safer than driving? The answer is surprising: statistically speaking, yes, skydiving is safer than driving. As you get behind the wheel for your daily commute, you may not even bat an eye, but did you know it's far more "dangerous" than jumping out of a "perfectly good airplane." It's true. Because of the routine created by our daily commute, the trips we take to the grocery store, or drives to and fro for coffees, lunch dates, and evening meetups, the risk of driving is buried in tedium. Nevermind, the majority of time spent on the road is time spent dangerously distracted. Now, if you mention skydiving, nine out of ten will see making the leap as considerably more threatening than an easy Sunday drive.

  • Top Tandem Skydive Landing Tips

    Sep 24

    Top Tandem Skydive Landing Tips

    Tandem skydiving has now been a thing for a long time. Many decades of practice and technological advancement has refined and streamlined the process of jumping out of an aeroplane for the first time into a fine art. With just a small amount of information and practice on the ground, practically anyone can do it.

  • Does Your Stomach Drop When You Skydive?

    Aug 21

    Does Your Stomach Drop When You Skydive?

    Jumping from an airplane has its obvious risks and you would think we would receive queries about parachute malfunctions and their likelihood of occuring or our safety record, but that's not the case. The most common question we receive is "Does your stomach drop when you skydive?"

  • What to Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

    Aug 20

    What to Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

    If you're searching for "what to write on your hands when skydiving" then it's likely you've booked your jump, locked down a media package and are now thinking about the finer details like adding messaging to your hands.

  • How Safe is Tandem Skydiving?

    Jul 31

    How Safe is Tandem Skydiving?

    As a skydiving center you may think we'll tow the line and share that it's perfectly safe, but we won't do that. (We like to keep it real, here!). We're going to hone in on some important questions related to the safety of tandem skydiving.


    May 25


    We know, life is really different right now for so many people. The pandemic has quickly shifted our society while the rest of us adapt to the new changes, and the future of uncertainty. Here at Skydive Long Island, we're looking at the silver lining - not just because our head is in the clouds - but because we know that skydiving offers so much more than just a thrill. Skydiving is a lifestyle for so many because of the camaraderie, inclusiveness, and experiences it gives us. Here, we'd like to share our Top 3 Reasons Why Skydiving is So Great!

  • New Jersey Skydiving - Everything You Need To Know

    May 13

    New Jersey Skydiving - Everything You Need To Know

    If you live in New Jersey and are Googling for a skydiving adventure, chances are you're not 100% sure of where to jump as you've got a few options. Where here to share everything you need to know about skydiving in NJ.

  • How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

    Apr 7

    How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

    When thinking about skydiving, people tend to have a lot of questions and one of the most common ones is around the cost to go skydiving. At Skydive Long Island, we strive to provide each of our guests with a first-class tandem skydiving experience. We value your business and don't want the cost to stand in the way of you experiencing the best skydiving Long Island has to offer, which is why we provide the area's most competitive tandem skydiving prices.

  • How To Prevent a Poor Skydiving Experience

    Mar 12

    How To Prevent a Poor Skydiving Experience

    Your skydiving experience is meant to be a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There is nothing that puts us out of sorts quite like hearing that someone has had anything less than an incredible skydiving experience. Our mission at Skydive Long Island is to provide you with one of the most exciting escapades of your life. We want you to leave delighted, not disappointed.

  • Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

    Feb 11

    Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

    There is no question that skydiving is always a good time, but like so many things in life, it is even more epic when shared with friends! Whether you're taking your office sky-high for team bonding or planning a 30th birthday group jump - group skydiving is a must.

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