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Interested in learning more about the sport of skydiving? Want to now what it's like to freefall at 120mph? Can't decide whether you should take the leap or not?

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  • Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

    Dec 18

    Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

    Many of the questions you might have about how to get started in skydiving are answered by the tandem skydive. The feeling of exiting an aircraft and falling back towards the earth at 120mph is difficult to accurately describe to others - and after trying to properly explain it for a while, you'll likely aim to convince them to just try it for themselves!

    But how do you explain what tandem skydiving is!? Let's get into it ...

  • Can You Breathe While Skydiving?

    Dec 18

    Can You Breathe While Skydiving?

    We used to believe some wacky things.

    For example, when humans began weighing up the idea of freefall, it was considered smart to do so curled into a ball in case the rapidly increasing velocity would rip any extended limbs right off your body!! Thankfully this was not found to be true, and over time we figured out that we can not only freefall through the sky in a comfortable, open position, but that doing so let's you manipulate the air with very precise control.

  • Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

    Nov 14

    Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

    Here at Skydive Long island, we are intentional about making tandem skydiving accessible and work hard to make your first skydive nothing short of amazing and highly memorable. Once you are committed to jumping out of a plane, your brain will likely fill with questions that mostly revolve around the idea of how to do it right. The good news is, you'll be given information and guidance at every step of the way - when to arrive and to correctly prepare, do the required (straightforward) paperwork, and nail the (fairly easy) physical tasks.

  • Most Nerve Wracking Part About Skydiving: Anticipation

    Nov 14

    Most Nerve Wracking Part About Skydiving: Anticipation

    Being anxious about going skydiving for the first time is completely normal. In the grand scheme of things we humans are land animals, and only very recently have figured out ways to take to the sky. One of the very best things about skydiving is that as soon as you jump, any fear and anxiety you were carrying instantly vanishes - and there is only the freedom and joy of being up there in the open sky.

  • 2021 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

    Nov 13

    2021 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

    Our Black Friday Sale goes live on Friday, November 26th! Save $109 on a tandem skydive in 2022!

  • Skydiving Benefits

    Oct 27

    Skydiving Benefits

    Skydiving can have a deep and profound effect on the way you view the world and travel through it as a person. Jumping out of an aircraft and falling back to earth using only gravity and a parachute to return you to terra firma is far more than a bucket-list goal that we do because we can - it can also have a powerful and lasting positive influence on both your physical and mental wellbeing. This can be attributed to a few things, so let's examine the health benefits of skydiving ...

  • Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

    Oct 27

    Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

    Skydiving is a lot of things. It can change your life in a single jump ... and it can offer a window into a whole new world of intoxicating experiences and adventures that can hook you forever.

    If you ask us, skydiving is something everyone should do at least once. But, for many people, once is not enough. It's their hobby, lifestyle, career, and competitive sport. Jumping out of airplanes is a huge amount of fun, and the many benefits of the incredible sport make it very addictive.

  • What Makes A Great Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Sep 27

    What Makes A Great Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Skydiving is unique. Even compared to other extreme activities, there is something singularly epic about freefall that makes it something everyone should do once at the very least. Tandem skydiving is set up to give brand new students access to skydiving in the most efficient manner possible - giving you just the training you need and a qualified professional to jump with who handles the procedures. This means that you can be confident in what you are about to achieve, while also doing so in the best way to allow you to soak up everything that makes skydiving perhaps the most exciting activity of all.

  • Should I Go Skydiving?

    Sep 20

    Should I Go Skydiving?

    Jumping out of an airplane and falling towards the earth is certainly one of the most amazing things that we can choose to do. If you have never been skydiving before though, it can be a potentially nerve-jangling idea that fills your head with questions. Right off the bat, there are a few things that need a yes before you can proceed. Let's start with the most important one of all...

  • Why Birthday Skydiving Is A Must

    Aug 23

    Why Birthday Skydiving Is A Must

    The best time to go skydiving is as soon as humanly possible, but there is of course an extra special occasion to double-up on the awesomeness - your cake day! Here are some fine reasons why going skydiving on your birthday is a great idea...

  • Can You Skydive Through Clouds?

    Aug 23

    Can You Skydive Through Clouds?

    Of those that peer upwards with eyes trained to the sky, most have contemplated just what those big fluffy clouds would feel like. Pillowy soft? Thick and spongy? Or just a puff of gentle cool mist? The debate is still open. But, now that a skydive is on the books, you think it could be the perfect time to find out.

  • Skydiving Facts That May Surprise You

    Jul 21

    Skydiving Facts That May Surprise You

    People's general perception of what skydiving involves is quite dramatic. Skydiving is an intense, thrilling experience that can very much change your life for the better. It is also an exciting way to tell stories, and as such is often used in the media we consume in overblown and often completely fictional ways. That's not to say that it isn't a wild thing to do, because it is - it is just frequently presented inaccurately. Let's have a quick look at some skydiving facts that may surprise you...

  • First Time Skydiving: What Should I Bring With Me?

    Jul 21

    First Time Skydiving: What Should I Bring With Me?

    Now that you have made the very excellent choice to go skydiving for the first time, you probably have many questions. In addition to the jumping-from-an airplane part, how does it all work? There are a few straightforward things to consider when planning your skydiving day, and a small selection of things to bring with you to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience with us here at Skydive Long Island.

  • Best Outdoor Summer Adventure in New York: Skydiving

    Jun 27

    Best Outdoor Summer Adventure in New York: Skydiving

    June 20th marked the first official day of the best season ever: summer! Although the pandemic put our plans of summer fun on a temporary hiatus last year, there's nothing stopping us now!

    For many, this is the season of exploration, and if you don't want to waste one precious moment, it is time to start lining up some seriously fun things to do this summer. If you're sitting at home searching for outdoor adventures near me, we've got you covered with the best outdoor adventure New York has to offer: skydiving!

  • How Does It Feel To Skydive?

    Jun 11

    How Does It Feel To Skydive?

    Skydiving is an amazing, potentially life-changing experience that rightfully deserves a place high up on everyone's bucket list. When squaring up to the idea of jumping out of an aeroplane for the first time you will likely have many questions rolling around inside your head - one of the most important surely being... How does it feel to go skydiving? It feels amazing, and there is nothing with which to truly compare it - but here is a little more detail to get you excited...

  • Can I Skydive with my own GoPro?

    Jun 1

    Can I Skydive with my own GoPro?

    If there's no video, it didn't happen. It is for this exact reason that you were planning on skydiving with a GoPro to catch all the footage and feels during the fun of freefall. After all, that teeny weeny action camera seems like the perfect adventure accoutrements: what's more action-packed than a skydive?

  • How Long Does A Skydive Last?

    May 23

    How Long Does A Skydive Last?

    If the length of a skydive is on your mind, what you might actually be asking is: How long does the freefall part of skydiving last? This is an important thing to know, and it depends on how high you jump from. Here at Skydive Long Island we jump from 13,500ft (the highest altitude generally used for skydiving) which means you freefall for about one minute. Jumping out of an aeroplane is a sensory bonanza, and while it might seem brief when you say it - one minute is long enough to really soak up what it feels like to skydive at terminal velocity. There is more to it than just this part though, and it all adds up to an amazing experience. Let's investigate a little bit...

  • How to Rock Your First Time Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Apr 19

    How to Rock Your First Time Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Grab the styling spray, tease your hair, slip on those shredded skinny jeans, and don that uber-metal leather jacket: we are going to teach you how to rock your first tandem skydiving experience! (Rock star ensemble not actually required)

  • Best Time of Day to Skydive

    Apr 12

    Best Time of Day to Skydive

    Tandem skydiving or becoming qualified as a skydiver yourself is a highly rewarding and quite accessible thing to do. Over the years we have become very good at introducing people to the world of freefall, and want as many people as possible to experience it at least once. When aiming for your first skydive, it is likely you have many questions rolling around in your head about the best way to achieve it. A pretty common thing people wish to know before booking in is if there is a best time of the day to skydive? Let's have a look...

  • Is Skydiving Bad For Your Back?

    Mar 25

    Is Skydiving Bad For Your Back?

    Skydiving is the original extreme sport, and such pursuits are hard on your body, right? Extreme sports are loosely defined as including an element of risk, and while leaping out of airplanes does indeed have some risk involved - it is way, way more managed and precise than it is often presented. Skydiving is an intense, thrilling experience but it is also a sport, a lifestyle, and a full-time occupation - in which training, experience, and technology are all applied thoroughly to make it comfortable and repeatable. Without prior knowledge, it is quite easy to think that jumping out of an airplane, deploying a parachute and landing on the ground is tough on your back - but with just a small amount of the right training and information it is an active but entirely non-violent good time. Here is a bit of detail...

  • How Long Does it Take to Skydive?

    Mar 19

    How Long Does it Take to Skydive?

    Though we've been told time and time again that patience is a virtue, playing the waiting game is easier said than done! It's not necessarily anyone's fault: we live in a society that favors instant gratification, and in many respects (think instant messaging, on-demand viewing, and lightning-fast internet connections) our world has been fashioned around an infatuation with the expeditious.

  • Do You Have To Be Physically Fit To Skydive

    Mar 12

    Do You Have To Be Physically Fit To Skydive

    Skydiving is very definitely a sport. Before learning about what is involved, it can be tricky to imagine exactly how this is so - but skydiving has its own global competition circuit, and there are world records and championships people chase with dedication and seriousness. Jumping out of planes is also a leisure activity and an experience that has been carefully developed to allow as many people to access it as possible. With just a small amount of training you can be ready to go for your first tandem skydive and experience the unique thrill of freefall. If it is indeed a sport, do you need to be fit? Let's see...

  • The Perfect Skydiving Road Trip From New Jersey

    Feb 25

    The Perfect Skydiving Road Trip From New Jersey

    Are you looking for the perfect day trip from New Jersey that will quite literally change your point of view? What could be better than traveling a few hours for the adventure of a lifetime? Skydive Long Island is about three hours from New Jersey and worth a day trip for the scenery and unique experience of tandem skydiving from two miles high in the sky. Imagine leaving home in the morning and coming back with a video to share of your first leap from an airplane!

  • Why Do People Skydive

    Feb 19

    Why Do People Skydive

    The aspiration to capitalize on the life we've got-to take moments great and small and imbue them with meaning-resonates generationally. This pressing purpose is why you're just as likely to see a fresh-faced 18 year old outfitted in the heavy-duty hardware of a skydiving harness as you are to see the visage of a venerable elder peeking behind the clear-plastic of skydiving goggles. There is no specific answer for why people skydive. Although, there is a common theme amongst those who choose to make the leap: a desire to live life to the fullest.

  • Skydiving Medical Conditions Explained

    Jan 27

    Skydiving Medical Conditions Explained

    Heart pumping. Fingernail biting. White knuckling. Just thinking about skydiving elevates our senses and we know it will for you, too. However, an elevated heart rate means different things to different people. If you are managing health conditions, but skydiving is on your bucket list, then this article is for YOU! Here we discuss the possibilities of skydiving with medical conditions.

  • Is It Hard To Breathe While Skydiving?

    Jan 19

    Is It Hard To Breathe While Skydiving?

    Wondering about whether it is hard to breathe while skydiving is a perfectly normal thing to do. People are generally a bit anxious about flinging themselves out of an airplane in the first place, and when you add being really high up and falling really fast to the mental porridge it makes worrying about how to breathe while skydiving very common. Good news! You can breathe normally while skydiving, so you can stop worrying about it. It is worth breaking it down a bit though, so let's investigate...

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