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2021 | First Time Skydiving

  • Most Nerve Wracking Part About Skydiving: Anticipation

    Nov 14

    Most Nerve Wracking Part About Skydiving: Anticipation

    Being anxious about going skydiving for the first time is completely normal. In the grand scheme of things we humans are land animals, and only very recently have figured out ways to take to the sky. One of the very best things about skydiving is that as soon as you jump, any fear and anxiety you were carrying instantly vanishes - and there is only the freedom and joy of being up there in the open sky.

  • 2021 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

    Nov 13

    2021 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

    Our Black Friday Sale goes live on Friday, November 26th! Save $109 on a tandem skydive in 2022!

  • Should I Go Skydiving?

    Sep 20

    Should I Go Skydiving?

    Jumping out of an airplane and falling towards the earth is certainly one of the most amazing things that we can choose to do. If you have never been skydiving before though, it can be a potentially nerve-jangling idea that fills your head with questions. Right off the bat, there are a few things that need a yes before you can proceed. Let's start with the most important one of all...

  • Why Birthday Skydiving Is A Must

    Aug 23

    Why Birthday Skydiving Is A Must

    The best time to go skydiving is as soon as humanly possible, but there is of course an extra special occasion to double-up on the awesomeness - your cake day! Here are some fine reasons why going skydiving on your birthday is a great idea...

  • First Time Skydiving: What Should I Bring With Me?

    Jul 21

    First Time Skydiving: What Should I Bring With Me?

    Now that you have made the very excellent choice to go skydiving for the first time, you probably have many questions. In addition to the jumping-from-an airplane part, how does it all work? There are a few straightforward things to consider when planning your skydiving day, and a small selection of things to bring with you to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience with us here at Skydive Long Island.

  • How Does It Feel To Skydive?

    Jun 11

    How Does It Feel To Skydive?

    Skydiving is an amazing, potentially life-changing experience that rightfully deserves a place high up on everyone's bucket list. When squaring up to the idea of jumping out of an aeroplane for the first time you will likely have many questions rolling around inside your head - one of the most important surely being... How does it feel to go skydiving? It feels amazing, and there is nothing with which to truly compare it - but here is a little more detail to get you excited...

  • How to Rock Your First Time Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Apr 19

    How to Rock Your First Time Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Grab the styling spray, tease your hair, slip on those shredded skinny jeans, and don that uber-metal leather jacket: we are going to teach you how to rock your first tandem skydiving experience! (Rock star ensemble not actually required)

  • How Long Does it Take to Skydive?

    Mar 19

    How Long Does it Take to Skydive?

    Though we've been told time and time again that patience is a virtue, playing the waiting game is easier said than done! It's not necessarily anyone's fault: we live in a society that favors instant gratification, and in many respects (think instant messaging, on-demand viewing, and lightning-fast internet connections) our world has been fashioned around an infatuation with the expeditious.

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Thank you Erika and Joe for making my, my brother's and my cousin's first jump a memorable experience. And the videos and pictures are amazing, to boot. You guys are good at everything!

» Lashawn F.

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