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2022 | First Time Skydiving

  • How To Budget For Your First Skydive

    Oct 26

    How To Budget For Your First Skydive

    Adventure and life-changing experiences are trending right now! More and more people are interested in spending money on EXPERIENCES rather than on material items - like skydiving! But if you're ballin' on a budget you may be thinking about ways to budget for your first skydive. There are ways to make your dreams of flying a reality without completely limiting yourself, and we promise it's worth it!

  • How To Not Pass Out While Skydiving

    Jul 31

    How To Not Pass Out While Skydiving

    In the sport of skydiving, the mental and physical game go hand-in-hand - which is why your body might try and do some funky things that you aren't used to. Luckily, there are a few easy, yet very important, skydiving dos and don'ts that can make your experience an amazing (or awful) one.

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This place rocks! I am so happy that I chose Skydive Long Island for my first skydiving experience!

» Ely D.

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