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  • Why Tandem Skydiving in New York is A Must

    Jan 27

    Why Tandem Skydiving in New York is A Must

    Whether you live in the Garden State or are just visiting, seeing the sights of our beautiful isle while tandem skydiving New York is an essential experience to check off the bucket-list - we promise it puts the views from Top of The Rock to shame! Is there a better way to spend your relaxing Saturday afternoon than hucking yourself from an airplane? Absolutely not. What about an early morning jump before your Sunday night show on Broadway? Let's send it! Here at Skydive Long Island we have all your New York skydiving needs covered, and we can't wait to share the sky with you!

  • Skydiving With An Instructor: What You Need to Know

    Jan 27

    Skydiving With An Instructor: What You Need to Know

    You just booked your tandem skydive and now you're wondering what in the world you got yourself into!! Do you really want to strap yourself to a random person who probably has a goatee and lives in tie-dyed shirts, and jump from an AIRPLANE?! Heck yeah, you do!! We're here to give you the lowdown on skydive instructors, what their purpose is, how they reached supreme tandem instructor status, and how they'll ensure you have the best experience of your life when you choose to skydive with us. Let's get into it!

  • The Freedom of Skydiving

    Dec 26

    The Freedom of Skydiving

    The effects of skydiving on the brain and skydiving health benefits in general are SO vast that this article will only scratch the surface. One of the biggest misconceptions about skydiving is that everyone who does it is a huge thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkie. That's just not the case!

    Skydiving is a - dare we say - magical experience that we have the opportunity to do over and over again. The freedom that comes from skydiving is physical and mental, and this newfound mindset doesn't go away when you land, but is something you can bring into every facet of your life! Let's take a look at our top four freedoms to be gained from skydiving.

  • Is Skydiving Like A Workout?

    Dec 26

    Is Skydiving Like A Workout?

    Let's talk about exactly what kind of skydive exercise happens when we leap from a plane, freefall for about 1 mile at around 120mph, and then slowly glide in for landing back to Earth. Our bodies are subjected to strenuous physical and mental challenges while skydiving, not necessarily because it's hard, but because skydiving isn't something that you do every day - unless you're really lucky.

    It's like this: you might lift weights for your arms 5x a week in the gym, but then skip leg day. So even though you're considered to be in really good shape, the second you do some calf raises or hamstring curls you'll really feel the burn. We aren't able to simultaneously workout all the muscles that are used in a skydive on the ground, and the same goes for simulating the jump for our mind - it's impossible! Skydiving is just ... wonderfully different. Let's talk about how and why it's like a workout for both mind AND body!

  • Why Do People Skydive For Fun?

    Nov 21

    Why Do People Skydive For Fun?

    There are a slew of reasons why people skydive. The answers are not always what you think they are and can be different for everyone!

    Some people skydive for the freedom they feel when they jump out of a "perfectly good airplane." Some people do it for the thrill. Some actually use skydiving to get over their fear of heights. And some people just love a good ol' fashioned unobstructed, bird's-eye view of our magnificent planet Earth. But most people skydive for fun!

  • Can You Skydive in the Rain?

    Nov 20

    Can You Skydive in the Rain?

    We've all heard of dancing or singing in the rain, but what about SKYDIVING in the rain? And with your tandem skydiving reservation on the horizon you may be worried about the skydive weather forecast and what that could mean for your future plans. Skydiving weather has a few important factors that could impact your skydiving such as cloud cover, high wind gusts, and RAIN! Let's address the effects of rain on your skydive, skydiving weather requirements, and whether or not you can even skydive in the rain!

  • Drunk Skydiving: Can You Drink and 'Dive?

    Aug 19

    Drunk Skydiving: Can You Drink and 'Dive?

    Let's be real, nobody really says "dive" when talking about skydiving but we just couldn't miss out on the punny opportunity! Get it?!?!

    Anyway ... the question is: can you drink before skydiving? The answer is, no. Some people are totally ready to take the plunge and go all-in for their first time skydiving experience, but some others feel the need to fuel up with a little liquid courage to muster the bravery to go skydiving. However, it is PROHIBITED to have any alcohol in your system the day of your skydive.

  • Is Tandem Skydiving More Mental than Physical?

    May 26

    Is Tandem Skydiving More Mental than Physical?

    Let's be honest, tandem skydiving can be nerve-wracking, especially the first time. You're not only fully trusting in someone you've never even met before, but you're also trusting yourself, and that's a pretty big mental feat. Skydiving is more mental than physical in many ways.

  • What To Know About Skydiving Selfies

    May 25

    What To Know About Skydiving Selfies

    Nowadays, we share just about everything across social media. Sometimes we showcase the real-real, and a lot of times our photos aren't exactly truthful. I mean, we all have a couple photos where we're feeling not-so-good but we look fantastic, right? Well, you can't pull any tricks with skydiving photos! They're raw and real, and show your every emotion - mostly photos that scream, WOOOOHOOOO!

  • How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

    Mar 31

    How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

    What to wear skydiving involves a few important considerations. And let's be real, how to look good skydiving is top of mind as well! A little attention toward practicalities in both arenas will help you achieve the very best experience when jumping from an airplane for the first time ...

  • Type of Person Who Skydives

    Feb 21

    Type of Person Who Skydives

    Why do people skydive? What is it about jumping from an airplane that appeals so much to humans? Are skydivers crazy?

    People skydive for a lot of reasons. It's a challenge, a thrill ... the most fun ever. But it is not only a playground for stereotypical, wild-eyed adrenalin junkies. One of the most interesting and fulfilling parts of skydiving is that there is not a single kind of person that does it, and the skydiving community is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life. The important thing to know and understand about the type of person who skydives, is that no matter where they come from, they share some common motivations with other people found at the dropzone and in the sky.

  • Can You Listen To Music While Skydiving?

    Jan 23

    Can You Listen To Music While Skydiving?

    The songs that make our personal Top 40 are typically a mix of music that amps us up, chills us out, and meets the moment. And it can serve as an important - or even transformative - element to a profound experience. Skydiving most definitely qualifies as a profound experience, and combining your soundtrack with skydiving sounds amazing. But ... it's not quite that simple. Before you make the ultimate modern-day "Songs for Skydiving" mixtape, let's answer the question: Can you listen to music while skydiving?

  • Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

    Dec 18

    Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

    Many of the questions you might have about how to get started in skydiving are answered by the tandem skydive. The feeling of exiting an aircraft and falling back towards the earth at 120mph is difficult to accurately describe to others - and after trying to properly explain it for a while, you'll likely aim to convince them to just try it for themselves!

    But how do you explain what tandem skydiving is!? Let's get into it ...

  • Can You Breathe While Skydiving?

    Dec 18

    Can You Breathe While Skydiving?

    We used to believe some wacky things.

    For example, when humans began weighing up the idea of freefall, it was considered smart to do so curled into a ball in case the rapidly increasing velocity would rip any extended limbs right off your body!! Thankfully this was not found to be true, and over time we figured out that we can not only freefall through the sky in a comfortable, open position, but that doing so let's you manipulate the air with very precise control.

  • Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

    Nov 14

    Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

    Here at Skydive Long island, we are intentional about making tandem skydiving accessible and work hard to make your first skydive nothing short of amazing and highly memorable. Once you are committed to jumping out of a plane, your brain will likely fill with questions that mostly revolve around the idea of how to do it right. The good news is, you'll be given information and guidance at every step of the way - when to arrive and to correctly prepare, do the required (straightforward) paperwork, and nail the (fairly easy) physical tasks.

  • Skydiving Benefits

    Oct 27

    Skydiving Benefits

    Skydiving can have a deep and profound effect on the way you view the world and travel through it as a person. Jumping out of an aircraft and falling back to earth using only gravity and a parachute to return you to terra firma is far more than a bucket-list goal that we do because we can - it can also have a powerful and lasting positive influence on both your physical and mental wellbeing. This can be attributed to a few things, so let's examine the health benefits of skydiving ...

  • Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

    Oct 27

    Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

    Skydiving is a lot of things. It can change your life in a single jump ... and it can offer a window into a whole new world of intoxicating experiences and adventures that can hook you forever.

    If you ask us, skydiving is something everyone should do at least once. But, for many people, once is not enough. It's their hobby, lifestyle, career, and competitive sport. Jumping out of airplanes is a huge amount of fun, and the many benefits of the incredible sport make it very addictive.

  • What Makes A Great Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Sep 27

    What Makes A Great Tandem Skydiving Experience

    Skydiving is unique. Even compared to other extreme activities, there is something singularly epic about freefall that makes it something everyone should do once at the very least. Tandem skydiving is set up to give brand new students access to skydiving in the most efficient manner possible - giving you just the training you need and a qualified professional to jump with who handles the procedures. This means that you can be confident in what you are about to achieve, while also doing so in the best way to allow you to soak up everything that makes skydiving perhaps the most exciting activity of all.

  • Best Outdoor Summer Adventure in New York: Skydiving

    Jun 27

    Best Outdoor Summer Adventure in New York: Skydiving

    June 20th marked the first official day of the best season ever: summer! Although the pandemic put our plans of summer fun on a temporary hiatus last year, there's nothing stopping us now!

    For many, this is the season of exploration, and if you don't want to waste one precious moment, it is time to start lining up some seriously fun things to do this summer. If you're sitting at home searching for outdoor adventures near me, we've got you covered with the best outdoor adventure New York has to offer: skydiving!

  • Can I Skydive with my own GoPro?

    Jun 1

    Can I Skydive with my own GoPro?

    If there's no video, it didn't happen. It is for this exact reason that you were planning on skydiving with a GoPro to catch all the footage and feels during the fun of freefall. After all, that teeny weeny action camera seems like the perfect adventure accoutrements: what's more action-packed than a skydive?

  • How Long Does A Skydive Last?

    May 23

    How Long Does A Skydive Last?

    If the length of a skydive is on your mind, what you might actually be asking is: How long does the freefall part of skydiving last? This is an important thing to know, and it depends on how high you jump from. Here at Skydive Long Island we jump from 13,500ft (the highest altitude generally used for skydiving) which means you freefall for about one minute. Jumping out of an aeroplane is a sensory bonanza, and while it might seem brief when you say it - one minute is long enough to really soak up what it feels like to skydive at terminal velocity. There is more to it than just this part though, and it all adds up to an amazing experience. Let's investigate a little bit...

  • Best Time of Day to Skydive

    Apr 12

    Best Time of Day to Skydive

    Tandem skydiving or becoming qualified as a skydiver yourself is a highly rewarding and quite accessible thing to do. Over the years we have become very good at introducing people to the world of freefall, and want as many people as possible to experience it at least once. When aiming for your first skydive, it is likely you have many questions rolling around in your head about the best way to achieve it. A pretty common thing people wish to know before booking in is if there is a best time of the day to skydive? Let's have a look...

  • Is Skydiving Bad For Your Back?

    Mar 25

    Is Skydiving Bad For Your Back?

    Skydiving is the original extreme sport, and such pursuits are hard on your body, right? Extreme sports are loosely defined as including an element of risk, and while leaping out of airplanes does indeed have some risk involved - it is way, way more managed and precise than it is often presented. Skydiving is an intense, thrilling experience but it is also a sport, a lifestyle, and a full-time occupation - in which training, experience, and technology are all applied thoroughly to make it comfortable and repeatable. Without prior knowledge, it is quite easy to think that jumping out of an airplane, deploying a parachute and landing on the ground is tough on your back - but with just a small amount of the right training and information it is an active but entirely non-violent good time. Here is a bit of detail...

  • Do You Have To Be Physically Fit To Skydive

    Mar 12

    Do You Have To Be Physically Fit To Skydive

    Skydiving is very definitely a sport. Before learning about what is involved, it can be tricky to imagine exactly how this is so - but skydiving has its own global competition circuit, and there are world records and championships people chase with dedication and seriousness. Jumping out of planes is also a leisure activity and an experience that has been carefully developed to allow as many people to access it as possible. With just a small amount of training you can be ready to go for your first tandem skydive and experience the unique thrill of freefall. If it is indeed a sport, do you need to be fit? Let's see...

  • Skydiving Medical Conditions Explained

    Jan 27

    Skydiving Medical Conditions Explained

    Heart pumping. Fingernail biting. White knuckling. Just thinking about skydiving elevates our senses and we know it will for you, too. However, an elevated heart rate means different things to different people. If you are managing health conditions, but skydiving is on your bucket list, then this article is for YOU! Here we discuss the possibilities of skydiving with medical conditions.

  • Is It Hard To Breathe While Skydiving?

    Jan 19

    Is It Hard To Breathe While Skydiving?

    Wondering about whether it is hard to breathe while skydiving is a perfectly normal thing to do. People are generally a bit anxious about flinging themselves out of an airplane in the first place, and when you add being really high up and falling really fast to the mental porridge it makes worrying about how to breathe while skydiving very common. Good news! You can breathe normally while skydiving, so you can stop worrying about it. It is worth breaking it down a bit though, so let's investigate...

  • Is Skydiving Safer Than Driving?

    Oct 29

    Is Skydiving Safer Than Driving?

    Is skydiving safer than driving? The answer is surprising: statistically speaking, yes, skydiving is safer than driving. As you get behind the wheel for your daily commute, you may not even bat an eye, but did you know it's far more "dangerous" than jumping out of a "perfectly good airplane." It's true. Because of the routine created by our daily commute, the trips we take to the grocery store, or drives to and fro for coffees, lunch dates, and evening meetups, the risk of driving is buried in tedium. Nevermind, the majority of time spent on the road is time spent dangerously distracted. Now, if you mention skydiving, nine out of ten will see making the leap as considerably more threatening than an easy Sunday drive.

  • Top Tandem Skydive Landing Tips

    Sep 24

    Top Tandem Skydive Landing Tips

    Tandem skydiving has now been a thing for a long time. Many decades of practice and technological advancement has refined and streamlined the process of jumping out of an aeroplane for the first time into a fine art. With just a small amount of information and practice on the ground, practically anyone can do it.

  • Does Your Stomach Drop When You Skydive?

    Aug 21

    Does Your Stomach Drop When You Skydive?

    Jumping from an airplane has its obvious risks and you would think we would receive queries about parachute malfunctions and their likelihood of occuring or our safety record, but that's not the case. The most common question we receive is "Does your stomach drop when you skydive?"

  • What to Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

    Aug 20

    What to Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

    If you're searching for "what to write on your hands when skydiving" then it's likely you've booked your jump, locked down a media package and are now thinking about the finer details like adding messaging to your hands.

  • How Safe is Tandem Skydiving?

    Jul 31

    How Safe is Tandem Skydiving?

    As a skydiving center you may think we'll tow the line and share that it's perfectly safe, but we won't do that. (We like to keep it real, here!). We're going to hone in on some important questions related to the safety of tandem skydiving.


    May 25


    We know, life is really different right now for so many people. The pandemic has quickly shifted our society while the rest of us adapt to the new changes, and the future of uncertainty. Here at Skydive Long Island, we're looking at the silver lining - not just because our head is in the clouds - but because we know that skydiving offers so much more than just a thrill. Skydiving is a lifestyle for so many because of the camaraderie, inclusiveness, and experiences it gives us. Here, we'd like to share our Top 3 Reasons Why Skydiving is So Great!

  • New Jersey Skydiving - Everything You Need To Know

    May 13

    New Jersey Skydiving - Everything You Need To Know

    If you live in New Jersey and are Googling for a skydiving adventure, chances are you're not 100% sure of where to jump as you've got a few options. Where here to share everything you need to know about skydiving in NJ.

  • How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

    Apr 7

    How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

    When thinking about skydiving, people tend to have a lot of questions and one of the most common ones is around the cost to go skydiving. At Skydive Long Island, we strive to provide each of our guests with a first-class tandem skydiving experience. We value your business and don't want the cost to stand in the way of you experiencing the best skydiving Long Island has to offer, which is why we provide the area's most competitive tandem skydiving prices.

  • How To Prevent a Poor Skydiving Experience

    Mar 12

    How To Prevent a Poor Skydiving Experience

    Your skydiving experience is meant to be a remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There is nothing that puts us out of sorts quite like hearing that someone has had anything less than an incredible skydiving experience. Our mission at Skydive Long Island is to provide you with one of the most exciting escapades of your life. We want you to leave delighted, not disappointed.

  • Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

    Feb 11

    Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

    There is no question that skydiving is always a good time, but like so many things in life, it is even more epic when shared with friends! Whether you're taking your office sky-high for team bonding or planning a 30th birthday group jump - group skydiving is a must.

  • Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    Aug 6

    Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    We believe that anytime is the best time to skydive in New York, but we're willing to admit that the skydiving weather definitely drives most folks' experience. The weather conditions for skydiving from season to season vary as much as can be up here in our fair state, and so skydiving in the NYC area can be just about anything you want it to be. Hooray for a skydiving season that doesn't quit!

  • Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    Jul 10

    Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

    In uncertain times, people are looking for positive experiences to boost their happiness index. We'd like to focus your attention on all the benefits of skydiving you probably didn't even know existed.

  • Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    May 14

    Who Packed Your Parachute Today?

    Considering a tandem skydive? Wondering who packed your parachute at the dropzone? Learn all about parachute rigging and what it takes to become certified.

  • Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Apr 25

    Can I Get Altitude Sickness From Skydiving?

    Many a newbie skydiver has asked him/herself: Can I get altitude sickness from skydiving? It stands to reason that yes, it's indeed a possibility. But we have all the tips and tricks that can help you prevent that from happening. Read on.

  • Foolproof Tips to Look Good In a Skydiving Video

    Apr 6

    Foolproof Tips to Look Good In a Skydiving Video

    You just signed up to jump out of a plane, cruising through the wild blue yonder... and you have nothing to wear! Eek! The pressure is ON. You need fool-proof tips to look good in that skydiving video. Luckily, this is absolutely possible - and we're here to help.

  • Why Starting Out Tandem Skydiving Is A Good Idea

    Jan 10

    Why Starting Out Tandem Skydiving Is A Good Idea

    Strictly speaking, your first jump out of a plane does not have to be a tandem skydiving experience. That said: It's a pretty darn good idea. Here's why.

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