Couples Skydiving: Gifts, Proposals & Weddings

Couples Skydiving: Gifts, Proposals & Weddings

Published: July 20, 2017

We know you're curious: Do couples skydive together?

We're here to tell you heck yes!

We think that shared sky is the glue that binds the strongest relationships on the planet, and we couldn't be more delighted by the time we spend in the sky with our loved ones. Today, we're going to celebrate love and freefall by answering your most breathless questions about couples skydiving. After all: All you need is love! (And a plane, and parachutes.)

How can I use skydiving to turbocharge my relationship?

OMG, we are so glad you asked.

What would be cooler than giving the light of your life a tandem skydiving gift certificate to celebrate an anniversary (perhaps with a card that says "Being with you is the best risk I ever took: Let's keep making memories together!")? Or, if you're ready to take a flying leap at the next amazing phase of your life, how about proposing marriage at the dropzone? Heck, we even see people get married in freefall (after they earn their solo skydiving licenses, naturally). Doubt us? Google search some videos. Totally a real thing.

For planning purposes: November and December are the most popular months to pop the question, while summer skydiving is the best time of year to enjoy a fun adventure with your special someone. Any month of the year--and for any reason at all--throwing some skydiving magic into your life with your honey is solid memory-making gold.

Can couples actually skydive together?

Actually, yes! Licensed solo skydivers skydive together as a couple all the time!

If you're a first-time jumper who's planning on taking someone you're interested in out on a skydiving date, you are totally barking up the right tree...however, the answer is a little more complicated. As it turns out, couple skydiving for first-timers doesn't really exist. There's no such thing as a tandem instructor taking two people for a tandem skydive; it just doesn't happen, for reasons encompassing everything from logistics to maximum equipment loads to aerodynamics.

If you're taking on a tandem skydive as a date (swoon!) you will (obviously, n'est-ce pas?) be strapped to a professional skydiver for the entire thing. You and your date can expect to receive your ground training together--and, of course, you'll share the plane ride, which certainly ain't nothin'. Once the door opens and you're out, however, you'll be separated until landing. The distance you'll be separated from the other tandem pair in freefall will be enough that communicating. Once you're back on the ground, you'll be joyfully reunited to bond and bask in the experience.

Pro note: Skydiving afterglow is an awesome thing. Maybe the most awesome thing. Probably the most awesome thing. Ever.

How can we make couples skydive a reality?

Learn to skydive! Just do it.

Once you and your paramour earn your solo skydiving licenses, you can enjoy the air together whenever you feel like it. You'll also get tight with a network of lifelong friendships with amazing people. How romantic!

To meet the goal of earning an A-license with your lover, be prepared to get serious. It requires at least 25 jumps and a lot of commitment, because it can take anything from weeks to months to earn. (It's weather-dependent, right? And it hinges on the student's highly individual speed of progression through the program.)

Are you ready to achieve your two-way skydiving dream? Let us help! Reach out to our team today with your questions. We'll start you two off on your intertwining path to paired-up freefall.

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