How Does It Feel To Skydive?

How Does It Feel To Skydive?

Published: June 11, 2021

Skydiving is an amazing, potentially life-changing experience that rightfully deserves a place high up on everyone's bucket list. When squaring up to the idea of jumping out of an aeroplane for the first time you will likely have many questions rolling around inside your head - one of the most important surely being... How does it feel to go skydiving? It feels amazing, and there is nothing with which to truly compare it - but here is a little more detail to get you excited...

How Does Skydiving Feel On Your Body?

Falling through the air at terminal velocity is a truly epic feeling. There are ways in the world to go faster than 120mph - but the sensation of speed generated in freefall using only gravity and your body has a natural power like nothing else. New skydivers often wonder if there will be any stomach-jiggling, such as when you ride a rollercoaster - but this is not the case. When you jump for an aeroplane there is just the feeling of pure speed and of flying through the air.

Skydiving is also much more gentle than people think. Yes - it is an extreme sport, but everything involved in the process has been developed into an endlessly repeatable sport. The techniques used mean your exit from the plane is smooth, your freefall is controlled and your deployment and landing are graceful and precise.

How Does Skydiving Feel On Your Body

How Does Skydiving Feel In Your Brain?

Doing your first parachute jump is pretty intense. No matter how efficient and practiced the sport of skydiving has become, when you are new to it the prospect of leaping out of an aircraft with only a backpack made of fabric and string feels like lunacy. When faced with challenging and exhilarating situations, our bodies release chemicals that allow us to function better - our reflexes become quicker, our minds act faster, and we perform overall in ways that can have both immediate and more long term effects. Skydiving makes you feel that for a minute at a time you are operating at your very best - as though you are seeing the world in high definition.

How Does Skydiving Feel In Your Heart?

We are all different human beings, and absorb experiences in slightly different ways. Saying that, there are few people out there who upon having completed a skydive would not agree that it is one of the best things they have ever done. How it feels to go skydiving can very much change the way you view the world, and while part of our monkey brains thinks that being up in the sky is incorrect - skydiving somehow feels like the most natural thing in the world. For many skydivers, this sport is a spiritual thing - and getting fully involved is about chasing the way that jumping makes them feel inside.

How Does Skydiving Feel In Your Heart?


Skydiving feels good, not just while you are actually doing it - but afterwards too. If you have never jumped before it can be an anxiety-inducing idea, but the rewards are huge and every bit of nervous energy you were carrying evaporates immediately the second you jump. Once you land it is very common to want to immediately go again. Whether you want to complete a tandem skydive or dive in and become a licensed skydiver yourself we have everything you need to help you get started. Come and join us!

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My GF and I just had our first sky diving experience with Skydive Long Island this past weekend and it was FANTASTIC!

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