How To Budget For Your First Skydive

How To Budget For Your First Skydive

Published: October 26, 2022

Adventure and life-changing experiences are trending right now! More and more people are interested in spending money on EXPERIENCES rather than on material items - like skydiving! But if you're ballin' on a budget you may be thinking about ways to budget for your first skydive. There are ways to make your dreams of flying a reality without completely limiting yourself, and we promise it's worth it!

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In order to budget for your first skydive, you'll need to figure out exactly how much a tandem skydive costs. Skydiving prices vary from dropzone to dropzone, and are usually determined based on location, instructor ratings, the type of aircraft being used and the facility maintenance. Be careful when doing your research though, the cheapest skydiving may not always be the best choice - and when it comes to safety you don't want to skimp on quality!

Skydive Long Island is competitively priced and offers a high quality product with experienced instructors, fantastic facilities and well-maintained aircraft. Not to mention, we are the closest tandem skydiving center to New York City, so the convenience alone makes it totally worth it! The typical tandem skydiving cost in New York is usually around $300. And if this is your first time skydiving, we definitely recommend getting the video/photo package (for an additional, but totally worth it, cost).

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DropZone Price

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Tandem Skydive Weekday Rate - Monday thru Friday



Tandem Skydive Weekend Rate - Saturday & Sunday




Luckily, there are ways to afford high-quality skydiving - there's no need to risk it by going to the cheapest place to skydive. Let's be real, keeping track of your spending habits can be a bit daunting. We get it! You want what you want. But by saving money and taking advantage of discounts, you can add something NEW and exciting to your wish list.

Save Money

When budgeting for your first skydive, the most obvious answer is to save money! You hear it all the time but sometimes it feels literally impossible in today's age. However, if you take a look at your costs you may find that it's easier than expected. Just think about how much money you usually spend on that daily coffee run, going out to dinner, or going out on the weekends. If you can cut just one of these out for a month, you could save around $100 - you'd be almost halfway there!

Take Advantage of Skydiving Discounts

Most dropzones offer some kind of special rate, discounts, or deals - it just takes a bit of research.

Online Booking

At Skydive Long Island, we offer a $59 discount if you pay-in-full and book online for a weekday, and a $39 discount if you book online for the weekend!

Military, Student, etc.

Are you a first responder? A student? A teacher? There might be a discount dedicated to you! Always ask when making your reservation and keep in mind that you'll need to show proof at check-in.

Group Rates

If you can gather a group to jump with you, you can catch a little break on the price. At Skydive Long Island we offer discounts for:

Groups of 4-7 People: $10 off PER PERSON

Groups of 8 or more: $20 off PER PERSON

Return Jumpers

Most dropzones offer a return jumper or second tandem discount after your first jump! Take advantage of this discount while you can if you think you'll ever want to go skydiving again after your first jump (we think you will). Skydive Long Island offers a "Gotta Go Again" tandem for $209!

Skydiving might seem a bit costly at first glance but when you consider the benefits of skydiving and the unforgettable, life-changing experience you'll gain it makes it 100% worth it!

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Contact one of our awesome team members at Skydive Long Island to ask about special rates, discounts, or to make your reservation and get started on making your dream of flight a reality! Blue skies, frugal friends.

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Skydive Long Island and their team is absolutely the best place to go skydiving! They make sure you feel comfortable, and take your enjoyment and safety as their number one priority.

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