Foolproof Tips to Look Good In a Skydiving Video

Foolproof Tips to Look Good In a Skydiving Video

Published: April 6, 2018

You just signed up to jump out of a plane, cruising through the wild blue yonder... and you have nothing to wear! Eek! The pressure is ON. You need fool-proof tips to look good in that skydiving video - and of course, we're here to help.

You already know you're not going to sneak past your social following with this one. The photos and video from your tandem skydiving experience are going to have a serious moment, and you want to be sure that the results flatter. Suffice it to say: Your closet has never seen this particular kind of pressure before.

Luckily, looking great in a skydiving video is absolutely possible. Below are our very best tips - and there are no more qualified experts in the world, we'd reckon, based on the sheer number of skydiving videos we've seen! Read on - but first get primed here:

1. Close-fitting and colorful is the way forward

Close-fitting layers add a level of safety, and are most comfortable choice for skydiving clothing. By far. You don't want to skimp on fabric because of the atmospheric phenomenon known as "lapse rate" (which means that it's significantly colder up there than it is on the ground). A cute tank top would probably turn out to be a combination of cold and pornographic (thanks, freefall wind). Bulky layers don't work, either, because they flap around awkwardly and uncomfortably.

Aim for a balance. Choose a tight-fitting base layer, then add a long-sleeved, close-fitting, fleece-weight-or-lighter (depending on the season) layer over it.

Now that we have your attention: There's a skydiving outfit that tends to work brilliantly and look great for all shapes and both genders. For the top half: wear a close-fitting, long-sleeved top with thumb loops and a crew neck. Make sure it's long enough to go down over the hips and tuck firmly under the legs of the tandem skydiving harness. On your bottom half, wear long yoga or athletic pants.

Color matters. When you choose dark, rich or very bright colors, they'll show up beautifully on camera and won't disappear against the dazzling blue of the sky.

2. Don't be shy!

Approach this playfully, like a photo shoot! Maintain eye contact with the camera - which means keeping your head up. We know that the planet below is of intense interest, but if you spend your time looking down at it, your skydiving videos and photos won't look as good (because the camera will see only the top of your head, not your gorgeous face).

3. Give us a great big smile

There's a secret we're going to let you in on for skydiving videos, and it's an ugly one: When you accidentally forget to smile as you're freefallin,' the relative wind is going to have its flappy, flappy way with your face. You're going to need to regain control of the flesh of your cheeks, and the best way to do so is to give that camera the smile of your life. Flashing a no-holds-barred toothy grin confers two benefits: it'll keep your face from bursting out in a wonky flapfest, and it'll show the world how confident, composed and happy you are to be checking off your number one bucket list item.

See? We told ja it'll be easy to look great in your tandem skydiving video! If you're ready for your closeup, get in touch with us today and book your freefall photoshoot.

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