How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

How To Wear Your Hair (or Beard) for Skydiving

Published: March 31, 2022

What to wear skydiving involves a few important considerations. And let's be real, how to look good skydiving is top of mind as well! A little attention toward practicalities in both arenas will help you achieve the very best experience when jumping from an airplane for the first time ...

how to wear your hair for skydiving

How to Wear Your Hair For Skydiving

How to wear your hair for skydiving is pretty simple - it needs to be tied back. When you skydive, you freefall at around 120mph, so keeping your hair contained is for comfort as well as safety reasons. You don't want it to fly around and whip your instructor in the face or pose a snag risk (:ouch:).

Tandem student skydivers are not required to wear helmets, so a solution for long hair is important. Hats and headscarves are generally a no-go as the wind will quickly whip away anything not securely strapped down - although, goggles will definitely help in that department. If you cover your hair for religious reasons, please let us know so we can respectfully accommodate your needs.

Once back on the ground, any loose hair will be thoroughly wind-swept and most certainly serve as proof of your adventure. Can you say, skydiving hair don't care!?

How to wear your beard for skydiving

How To Wear Your Beard For Skydiving

The same rules that apply to hair apply to beards. If it is short enough that it will not fly all over the place in the wind, you are good to go. If you happen to have a long and majestic soup catcher, you might need to do something with it.

With enough experience you can skydive in various orientations, but at the beginning and for tandem skydiving you fall in a belly-to-earth or 'flat' position. In this position you should look forwards toward the horizon, helping your body to create a nice arch which adds to your stability. This means that the rushing air will come from under your chin and upwards over your face. If you are the proud wearer of a big long wizard's beard then you might want to tie it up, braid it or some similar trick so it doesn't block the spectacular view.

Before You Go

The way to be sure you are doing things correctly is to ask your instructor. For tandem skydiving you are harnessed together to a highly qualified professional, and they are an excellent source of information. Instructors do what they do because they love it, and they want you to have the best time possible. Your comfort is their priority and they will be sure to guide every step of the way - including in seemingly small ways, like how to approach skydiving hair.

After You Land

While our team prepares your epic images and video, you're free to celebrate your incredible achievement with family and friends. You cannot take anything with you in the aircraft, but leaving a brush or comb with someone on the ground offers you a way to neaten up ahead of the selfies and group shots. Forgot to pack one? No worries - the most important thing, of course, is the big smile you can take everywhere.


We're here to help you have an absolute blast when you try skydiving for the first time. The best method is to book in advance and arrive on time on jump day. If you have any questions, connect with us! We are here to help. Blue skies!

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