Is Skydiving a Responsible Thing For Me To Do?

Is Skydiving a Responsible Thing For Me To Do?

Published: April 30, 2016

If you've been invited to join a friend to make a tandem skydive, there's a good chance you may pause and wonder if this is a responsible thing for you to do. We encourage this line of thinking because frankly, skydiving isn't for everyone. This isn't a roller coaster ride. Skydiving is an activity that involves risk that can harm or even kill you. The real question is if skydiving is worth the risk to you.

Who Skydives?

Believe it or not, the great majority of skydivers in the world are not the ones you see on Red Bull commercials. The common weekend warriors are those that work 9 to 5 jobs who make an above average income. Skydiving is an expensive sport and the truth is, the ideal demographic of skydivers (college students) can't afford to participate on a regular basis.

The typical demographic of skydivers are a mix of blue collar and white collar people, many with families, jobs and mortgage payments like you and I. These people recognize the risk, but also recognize that it's a manageable risk that can be done safely.

What Are The Rewards?

The ultimate reward of making a skydive is the feeling of accomplishment. Skydiving is a very empowering experience and for many, a life-changing one. It can be therapeutic as well as confidence building. The rewards are many, but what you should know is that it's not just a ride; you'll get much more out of it than you originally thought you would. When there's risk, there must be a reward and millions of people find this reward to be worth it!

The Business of Skydiving

The skydiving industry is a multi-billion dollar, international industry. More and more skydiving centers are opening today because the risk quotient has improved dramatically over the last few decades. Today's technology and safety procedures have allowed for the sport to be enjoyed by millions of people annually.

Do Research.

If you have been invited to make a skydive, the responsible thing to do is to do your research. The unfortunate reality is that not all skydiving centers are the same. Each are managed differently by people with different perspectives and approaches to safety. Some quick tips are to answer these questions:

  • Is the skydiving center a member of the United States Parachute Association?

  • What are people saying about their experiences? Check a multitude of reviews across Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

  • Call the skydiving center... get a sense of their professionalism.

  • Be sure the skydiving center you're booking with is an actual skydiving center. There are many third party sites online that look like actual skydiving centers.

So, Is Skydiving a Responsible Thing To Do?

The answer can only be made by each individual, but we want you to know that skydiving is done every week by millions of responsible people throughout the world.

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