Is Skydiving For Everyone?

Is Skydiving For Everyone?

Published: December 11, 2019

We'll give you a quick-and-dirty answer: No! Skydiving isn't great for everyone. We love skydiving with everything we've got, but we're totally okay with the fact that -- even side from the minimum age and weight restrictions -- jumping out of a plane isn't right for absolutely everyone. That said: We do want to be clear that skydiving is a great fit for more people than most folks think it is. Slightly contradictory? Sure. Let's dive in.

Skydiving isn't for you if you don't want to do it.

Jump for yourself. It's essential! One of the largest mistakes we see (and we've seen this over and over, for all the years we've been doing this) is first-time skydivers making that leap solely because they're trying to please or impress someone else. This mentality generally leads to an unsatisfactory experience. Own who you are and go with it! There's plenty of enjoyment to be had on the ground, cheering on friends and family who are truly excited about the idea (and who knows, you might be inspired!).

Skydiving fun as a group

Skydiving isn't for you if you legitimately dread the idea.

Let's address the idea of fear for a second. We'll start here: Being afraid to skydive is totally natural, so don't let your nerves talk you out of a great time. The fact of the matter is that making a skydive is scary -- and that's why it's such a powerful change agent in one's life. Look within, though, and look carefully: There's a difference between healthy fear when you're faced with a challenge and sickening dread. Recognize and respect the difference.

If it's a deep dread of heights that's holding you back, though, you might want to reconsider. There's some background information you may or may not know. Many people who live with acrophobia (a fear of heights) immediately write off skydiving because they don't know that -- get this! -- it doesn't really apply. Fear of being on the top of a ladder or walking across a high bridge has to do with your body's ability to triangulate your position in space, which it can't do from the door of a plane. Most folks discover that their fear of heights is shockingly absent during a skydive -- and that empowers them to square up to their fear in a way they never thought possible. Cool, huh?

Tandem Skydiving near New York

Skydiving isn't for you if you're trying to live a risk-free life.

Skydiving isn't without risk. While the statistics that quantify the safety of skydiving are decidedly in most people's favor, the act of jumping out of a plane still presents a risk. While it's actually impossible to live a risk-free life, everyone's risk quotient is different. Take, for example, the decision making process of would-be skydiving parents with small children. Each year, thousands of such parents skydive, while others choose to wait until their kids are 18. We totally respect both decisions.

If you're reading this article, we're willing to bet that, while skydiving isn't for everyone, skydiving is for you, you adventurous, curious soul. Why not make that reservation and try it on for size? We're looking forward to it!

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