Skydive South Shore Becomes Skydive Long Island

Skydive South Shore Becomes Skydive Long Island

Published: August 29, 2016

Skydive Long Island has been the finest skydiving location for Long Island jumpers since 1986. Founded by Ray Maynard, the center was home to a fantastic community of skydivers who loved to jump and loved to welcome new jumpers too.

In 2015, the owners of Skydive Long Island made the difficult decision to close down their operation. The brand of 'Skydive Long Island' was sold.

The sale was not the end of SLI. The center built up a strong reputation and was highly respected. As such, the good name of Skydive Long Island will continue to be protected and treated with pride.

Skydive South Shore

Meanwhile, Skydive South Shore, also located on Long Island, is going from strength to strength. South Shore will be adopting the Skydive Long Island brand.

The standard of our center reflects the hard work the jumpers at Skydive Long Island put into developing their center, too. Our commitment to fun, fulfilling skydives and incredible experiences reflects theirs too. In reality, there's very little separating our two centers in terms of what we're trying to give to our customers.


That's why we've made the decision to rebrand our center to use the name Skydive Long Island. We believe it's a better representation of our location, letting new tandem skydivers know that we're ideally located for anyone wanting to jump in Long Island.

Skydive South Shore will make the full change with all branding from this website through signage etc by the beginning of 2017.

What Will Change?

Nothing but our name and our branding will change with the rebrand.

That means we'll still be based exactly where we are now in Shirley, NY. The South Shore team of incredible instructors won't change. And we'll still offer the same high-quality service we always have.

If you'd like to know more about the change, feel free to get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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From the moment we arrived every member of the staff was wonderful.

» Alyssa P.

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