Skydiving Birthdays - and Other Events to Celebrate with a Skydive

Skydiving Birthdays - and Other Events to Celebrate with a Skydive

Published: April 2, 2018

Some people throw parties. Others kick it up a notch and go the extra mile to mark the special occasion by making it truly memorable - like with a skydiving birthday party. Because nothing clocks in on the "memorable" scale quite like commemorating with a skydive! Here are the top five party times that lend themselves to jumping out of a plane.

1. Skydiving Birthdays

A birthday Is the perfect excuse to get merry - and celebrate with a skydive. 18 marks a big step into adulthood, independence and new responsibilities - like voting, donating blood, jury duty and opening your own bank account. It's is incidentially also the age at which you can legally make your first tandem skydive. However - the cool thing about a birthday skydive is it makes any jubilee from 18-98 a momentous one. George HW Bush knows all about that.

2. Skydiving Proposals, Weddings & Anniversaries

Are you looking for a memorable and romantic way to propose to your beloved, elope into the sky, or celebrate an anniversary? If yes, then skydiving may be just the thing. Your heart races in the presence of your paramour anyway, so why not get it pumping a bit faster with the thrill of a lifetime? Whether you're planning a surprise proposal with a skydive, or you've tied the knot 2 or 20 years ago - there is literally no more appropriate way to show your commitment than plunging together out of a plane!

3. Skydiving Graduation

Your hard work got you that cap and gown. The academic endeavors and accomplishments that got you to this point required tireless days and nights of studying. You've reached a pretty impressive milestone which now deserves an equally impressive way to celebrate. And you guessed it... a skydive is the just the thing to help you unfurl your wings and truly fly.

4. Skydive into Retirement

Around the office you were the one that could get things done. Contracts were handled. Memos were sent. You've saved, navigating expenses and the day-to-day tasks - until you've made it to this point: retirement! Attaining the goal of a non-working lifestyle isn't something to take lightly. While not necessarily a traditional way to celebrate retirement, a skydive can be the perfect way to kick off that new life ahead of you.

5. Just Because

Sometimes, you don't need an explicit reason to celebrate. Maybe you're into Star Wars and want to justly honor May 4th. Or you want to support the Fight Procrastination Movement by appropriately doing something active on September 6th. Moments of celebration can very effectively break up the monotony of the day to day - so do something special just because you can. A little reward for yourself can go a long way. Celebrate 'just because' the perfect way, and go skydiving!

No matter the reason you want to kick up your heels - Skydive Long Island is here to guide you on your tandem skydive and sort you out with gift certificates if you want to surprise a friend, family member or loved one with a jump. See you at the dropzone!

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