Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

Skydiving Do’s and Don’ts.

Published: November 14, 2021

Here at Skydive Long island, we are intentional about making tandem skydiving accessible and work hard to make your first skydive nothing short of amazing and highly memorable. Once you are committed to jumping out of a plane, your brain will likely fill with questions that mostly revolve around the idea of how to do it right. The good news is, you'll be given information and guidance at every step of the way - when to arrive and to correctly prepare, do the required (straightforward) paperwork, and nail the (fairly easy) physical tasks.

To get you started, here are some first time skydiving tips - some skydiving dos and don'ts - that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Skydiving Tips


Book In Advance:

While it is sometimes possible to just show up at our dropzone and be able to jump, a much better plan is to schedule your jump in advance. Skydiving operations are run precisely when the weather cooperates, and with a booking you will have a pretty good idea of when it will be your turn to jump - plus we'll know how many jump loads to plan for.

Eat Breakfast:

Skydiving is not particularly hard on your body: the aircraft ride is seamless, exiting is smooth (and exciting!), the parachute deployment is controlled, and the landing is (usually) gentle. You're forgiven for expecting that the contents of your stomach are going to get jiggled around (or out), but this is not typically the case. Eating a healthy breakfast and hydrating properly will set you up perfectly. (In fact, not eating or drinking water is more likely to trigger an outward reaction, if you see what we mean.)

Bring The Right Things:

The vast majority of dropzones in the US, including Skydive Long Island, are overseen by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) - which requires that you bring a valid, government-issued photo ID such as a driving license or passport to prove you are at least 18 years of age. Note that you won't be able to take your camera (or phone) in the plane during your jump, but definitely bring it anyway! Before and after pictures are a part of the fun. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks are smart to pack too, as you'll likely be with us for about half a day.

What to wear skydiving

Dress Correctly:

Aim for the athletic wear side of your wardrobe. Skydiving is not super physical, but it is definitely an active endeavor. Loose, flexible layers that cover your arms and legs are great, and closed-toe shoes with laces are crucial. It can get chilly up high, so follow the lead of your instructor for this. If it is nippy they'll give you a jumpsuit to wear over your duds.

Get The Video:

You only make your first skydive once, and the first one is the best of all! The image and video packages of your jump are optional but absolutely worth the investment. Reliving your skydive over and over, and sharing it with your friends and family is a vital part of what makes the whole adventure fulfilling and rewarding! And don't forget to tag us at #skydivelongisland - we want to celebrate your experience too!

Skydiving Video Package



Jumping out of airplanes involves a moderate level of physical activity and you need to be shipshape to do it. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted, and you should avoid feeling fuzzy from the previous evening's shenanigans. Skydiving is an incredible, life-enhancing experience - get the most out of it by being at your best when you join us!


We are crazy-good at introducing people to skydiving. Breathe; you can relax. Parachutes open. Instructors know what they're doing (despite what they may tell you for fun). And yes, you can breathe normally in freefall. It is all going to be awe-inspiring.

Come Straight From Scuba:

It might seem unlikely - but it's important - and happens often enough that it's worth mentioning. When you breathe pressurized air while underwater, you absorb nitrogen into your blood. To avoid the gas forming bubbles in your blood, you have to slowly ascend back to the surface. Not doing so can be painful or serious, or both - and can cause the bends. Going scuba diving and then going up in an unpressurized skydiving plane is a potential recipe for disaster. The official rule is that there needs to be a 24 hour gap.

Miss Anything:

Being nervous is normal, but don't let your nerves keep you from a life-changing experience! Keep your eyes open when you jump - take it all in! The combination of the personal challenge, the feeling of pure joy in freefall, and the spectacular optics make skydiving an activity with profound effects.

Skydiving Experience

Forget to Share the Joy:

We typically encounter four types of people: 1) skydivers, 2) those who can't wait to skydive, 3) those who haven't considered skydiving but most definitely want to, and 4) those who want no part of it! Interestingly enough, all four groups love to hear about your skydiving plans (although, type 4 might try to talk you out of it!). When you decide to set your eyes on the sky and fly - share the joy! More often than not, you'll find others who want to join in on the fun. Which is awesome for a couple of reasons, including making amazing, shared forever-memories and, potentially, qualifying for a group discount.


Ready for one of the best experiences of your life? Book your jump, follow these tips, and we will see you soon! We can't wait to jump with you. Blue skies!

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Everyone was super friendly. Skydiving for the first time was amazing and the instructors made the experience very fun.

» Erin Y.

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