Skydiving Does Not Discriminate

Skydiving Does Not Discriminate

Published: April 9, 2019

Looking for a crowd that doesn't discriminate and revels in an atmosphere of pure acceptance?

Consider your local dropzone. Skydivers are one big happy family. Nothing matters but getting into the sky and letting the cares of the world drop away. Skydiving has a definite vibe - and that vibe is all about welcome and inclusiveness.

1. Skydiving Does Not Care About Your Economic Status

Skydiving is not an inexpensive sport. But seriously - no one cares how you look, or what you wear, as long as you are safe. Used equipment is just doing your part for recycling.

There are plenty of people with deep pockets in skydiving - but there are also plenty more that are working a second or third job to support their weekend skydiving habits. Your income does not define your status. Once you are in the sky, we are all equal, and none of the cares or woes of really humanity matter.

2. Skydiving Does Not Care About Your Race Or Religion

Skydivers don't care what you believe in. They don't care how you practice your religion. Skydivers care about skydiving. That's it.

Being defined by race or religion has no real place (or significance) when the sky's the limit. How could it? The big blue sky does not care about the color of your skin - or your country of origin. Having a passion for jumping out of airplanes can be a spiritual place, open to all interpretations. Why limit what you find up there with earthly stigmas?

Skydivers DO care that you believe in yourself. They care that you show up and reach your goals. Skydivers care about a positive outcome for everyone involved. Go up in a plane. Arrive safely back on the ground. Repeat.

3. Skydiving Does Not Care About Your Sexual Orientation

Skydivers love skydivers. It's a free-for-all. And by that we mean - who cares who your love interest might be. Your first love is skydiving, right?

For sure there is a time and place for being all romantic and stuff. But freefall is not that place. Your sexual preferences are your business (and Skydive Long Island has a history of fully supporting LGBTQ rights). What makes you happy, makes your fellow skydivers happy. To be honest, skydivers are otherwise occupied - by things that really matter, like canopy size, and high-fiving techniques.

Are you ready to be part of the accepting vibe and big wide-open group hug at Skydive Long Island? Come on down to the dropzone - or if you're feeling brave book your skydive online now - and join the fun!

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My GF and I just had our first sky diving experience with Skydive Long Island this past weekend and it was FANTASTIC!

» Tad K.

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