Skydiving for Kids

Skydiving for Kids

Published: February 15, 2018

Maybe skydiving was your first love. Or perhaps you discovered the sport after your kids were born. Either way - as they grow older, start to walk and talk and jump off things, you are quietly asking yourself: is skydiving for kids? Can I involve them, take them to the dropzone and share my passion with them? And if yes - how?

Can Kids Skydive?

Skydiving is a sport that speaks to your heart, sparks your interest, and inspires you. Though you also have that other "life" - family and kids. And understandably, you want to share your time with them too. So, can your kids skydive too? Do you stop skydiving altogether because everyone tells you it's irresponsible? Or do you always have to get a sitter when you head to the dropzone on the weekend? Thankfully, as far as self-care and your wallet are concerned, the answer is no.

While your kids must be at least 18 years old to take their first tandem skydive, your family absolutely can and should be a part of this amazing world. There are many ways for your kids to participate in your favorite past time, apart from actually engaging in the activity of skydiving. One way - bring them to the dropzone! Skydiving can be enjoyed even from the ground. There is something super fun and mesmerizing about simply looking up at the sky and seeing clouds of colorful nylon floating in the air. A sky, filled with magic and wonder - kids of all ages are guaranteed to love it.

Fold Your Kids Into The Skydiving Community

Skydiving is thrilling, but it is not just the rush you have fallen in love with. The dropzone community is a unique, close-knit tribe that takes care of its own, and there are many positives to exposing your children to your skydiving family. Camaraderie, honesty, respect, and accountability are life-enriching qualities that permeate the atmosphere of any dropzone. Having those sound ethics as feathers in their quiver will serve your kids well as they sprout, go out into the world, and, when they are old enough, begin to skydive as well - in turn contributing back to the growth of a healthy skydiving culture and community.

Of course we are not encouraging you to bring your newborn and toddler to the dropzone and leave them there unattended while you go up for a jump. The suggested age range for kids who do not need direct monitoring is right around 8 or 10. But of course you can always bring your partner, grandma or a friend to briefly cuddle your kid - who in turn get the pleasure of observing the awe on your kid's face as it watches mom and/or dad float down from the sky under a rainbow-colored piece of fabric.

Make Your Skydive a Family Affair

One of the best things of taking the trip to go skydiving with your kids at Skydive Long Island is our fabulous location. There are multitudes of activities you can pair your visit with, and many of them are super family-friendly. Not far from our dropzone is a world-class aquarium, we're a stone-throw from the Animal Farm Petting Zoo, and endless miles of gorgeous beaches at the Fire Island National Seashore are beckoning for a stroll and a sea shell finding mission. With our prime location, you can come to us for a skydive (or two!) and then explore and relish all that Long Island and the Hamptons have to offer.

So take some time this year to join us at Skydive Long Island to share skydiving skydiving (and the happy smile that puts on your face) with your kids - and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Everyone was super friendly. Skydiving for the first time was amazing and the instructors made the experience very fun.

» Erin Y.

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