Skydiving Long Island: Why Choose Us!

Skydiving Long Island: Why Choose Us!

Published: April 8, 2016

Skydiving Long Island Is a Great Idea - Jumping at Skydive Long Island is the Best Idea!

NYC is what New York is famous for, but there's so much outdoor fun to be had just beyond in the city in the state of NY.

Skydive Long Island is the premier skydiving Long Island destination, a tandem skydiving specialist and the best Long Island day out you could imagine.

Here's a few reasons to head to Skydive Long Island for your Long Island tandem skydive.


Long Island is a beautiful place.

The best way to see a beautiful place? Just you and your tandem instructor looking down from under your parachute, as you are piloted over sea and sand back to earth from the best 60 seconds of your life.

From your aerial perspective, you can see all of the island's north and south forks, Westhampton Beach, the Atlantic Ocean and Fire Island.

If you make your tandem skydive on a particularly clear day, you can see as far as Montauk and into New York City.

Skydiving over Long Island, NY

The Convenient Location

Just 55 miles outside of NYC, our location in Shirley is fabulously accessible. If you are one of the many New Yorkers who has chosen not to own a car - no problem - you can reach us by train in just over two hours.

Our location is not just convenient to reach, there's a lot to do locally. Ranging from wine tasting to further outdoor pursuits, such as deep-sea fishing, our area has something for everyone.

Make the most of your first skydive experience and enjoy some quality time out of the city too.

Our Impeccable Safety Record

Making your first skydive is a fantastic, exciting, freeing, and scary experience. You need to assure yourself that choosing to make a tandem skydive means exhilaration in the safest possible environment.

Safety is our priority here at Skydive Long Island. Our instructors are highly qualified, some of the most experienced in the world.

We are a member of the United States Parachute Association, the USA's skydiving regulatory body, with whom we have an excellent relationship.

All our equipment and aircraft is maintained to the highest level. If you have any questions regarding our instructors, our equipment or our aircraft, we are always happy to answer questions. You may even find the answer in our FAQs.

Tandem Skydiving in Long Island, NY

Skydiving Long Island Is The Experience of a Lifetime

A tandem skydive over Long Island is an exhilarating, fulfilling, beautiful, and truly memorable experience.

Your first skydive is a special moment, regardless of how many skydives you do. That first jump always stays with you.

If you're looking to go skydiving Long Island, here at Skydive Long Island we are a team of professional skydivers who want to give you the best tandem skydive experience available.

What are you waiting for? Get booked and come meet us!

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This place rocks! I am so happy that I chose Skydive Long Island for my first skydiving experience!

» Ely D.

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