What Every College Student Should Know About Skydiving

What Every College Student Should Know About Skydiving

Published: May 7, 2018

If you're cranking through a college degree, you probably have a lot on your plate. It might seem like a totally gonzo suggestion, but here it goes: You should probably take up skydiving, too.

Wait - what?!

We know.

But hear us out: Taking up skydiving as a hobby will give you the chance to work through a challenge that's entirely your own. It'll develop your risk-assessment muscles; it'll make you more physically and emotionally capable; it'll bring you in to a new circle of friends that's as immensely diverse as they are immensely fun. And it looks great on a resume! Here's what every college student needs to know about skydiving. (Get ready to be surprised!)

1. It's in the neighborhood

Skydive Long Island is darned convenient to most of the colleges, universities and vocational schools in the greater New York region. If you're currently a student at any NYC-based school, you pretty much owe yourself the favor of stopping into Skydive Long Island for a visit. Who knows: You might end up seeing a classmate coming in for a landing and making a lifelong friend! Plus - once you're out here, there are heaps of fun things to do. Don't miss out!

2. It's a smarter place to spend your fun money

You're all about your future right now. It might surprise you to know this, but the money you spend on skydiving is worth every single penny. [ Future: You will agree! ]

College is already a wallet-stinging phenomenon. We know. And it's hard to rationalize spending money on something that sounds crazy and seems to fall fully in the category of fun. But think about it: there are lots of places you end up spending your money that might not prove the best investment in the long run - and skydiving is.

Take this into consideration: For about the same amount of money you'd spend on a couple big nights out (and not remember one single thing about - whooooops), you earn your solo skydiving license. For serious! Also: If the weather is nice, you can spend the rest of the weekend at the dropzone while your friends spend it recovering on the couch with a big bottle of Gatorade and some ibuprofen. By the time everyone is filtering back into class on Monday, you could be reasonably far along in the skydiving certification program.

3. Skydiving makes you better at a lot of different things

Skydiving doesn't just improve your plane-exiting, body-flying and canopy-piloting skills. It improves your life skills. Here's why: The act of getting out of your comfort zone creates pure magic. Especially if you're starting to wonder, in the midst of so many late nights staring into a laptop, what the heck you're doing... skydiving is a change of perspective that you're going to love.

Indeed, there are a great many off-label benefits of skydiving. One of these is that skydiving is not, as you might think, pure escapism. You'll probably discover that it actually helps you focus on your goals. Your confidence will skyrocket, your new dropzone friends will support your efforts, and your energy levels will soar. That'll put you in a good place to finish projects, ace tests and network. Kinda weird but seriously wonderful that skydiving should have that superpower, right?

Are you intellectually curious about this? Of course you are. Come up to Skydive Long Island and meet our faculty. School is in!

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I went in to do a jump and walked out with a much greater experience than I expected and a new circle of friends.

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