What To Know About Skydiving Selfies

What To Know About Skydiving Selfies

Published: May 25, 2022

Nowadays, we share just about everything across social media. Sometimes we showcase the real-real, and a lot of times our photos aren't exactly truthful. I mean, we all have a couple photos where we're feeling not-so-good but we look fantastic, right? Well, you can't pull any tricks with skydiving photos! They're raw and real, and show your every emotion - mostly photos that scream, WOOOOHOOOO!

On the ground before and after your jump, you're welcome to snap your own pics ... but on the plane and in the air, the only one taking photos will be your instructor. Why? So glad you asked ...

Can You Take Your Phone Skydiving?

Unfortunately, you can't take your phone skydiving.

The United States Parachute Association (USPA), which is the governing body for the US skydiving community, is definitive about bringing your phone or camera on your tandem jump, and it's a bigggg ol' no. Matter of fact, before you jump we'll have you empty your pockets. This is to eliminate the chance of losing any of your personal belongings or having them become a hazard.

can you bring your phone skydiving

Why Can't I Take My Phone Skydiving?

It's the rules! Ya know how sometimes your phone slips out of your hand while you're just sitting there, scrolling? Imagine driving 120 mph down the freeway and sticking it out the window ... it'd be near impossible to hold on to, let alone take a selfie with! Your phone would fly away from you, smash you in the face, or potentially cause an accident. Same is true at terminal velocity. Sad day. And an even sadder day for the poor fella it bops on the head on the ground below!

Sorry ... your buddies will just have to wait for their FaceTime session and sick skydiving selfies once you're back on the ground.

How To Take Pictures While Skydiving

You can't personally take photos or video while skydiving - that is until you have a minimum of 200 jumps, or are cleared by the dropzone to fly with a camera. This means, you've got to leave it to the pros.

It's easy to think that cameras (like GoPros) and phones are small and light and so aren't a big deal to bring on your jump ... and it's precisely this mentality that creates a potentially dangerous situation. The two primary reasons that camera usage is restricted to experienced, licensed skydivers are 1) distraction, and 2) physical hazard.

skydiving photos

... How Can Having A Camera Be A Distraction?

Skydivers wear GoPros mounted to their helmet or other gear that gives a great angle, at their wrist or foot, as examples.

So, let's say you're a newly licensed skydiver jumping with your buddies. Right before exiting the plane you think, "Oh dang it! Did I turn my camera on?" Now you're thinking about the task at hand (that is, um, skydiving!) AND fiddling with your camera. Or maybe you've made it out the door, but you felt your camera bump something on exit, and you attempt to adjust it: distracted. Your brain needs to be laser focused during your skydive. No distractions allowed!

Here's the thing. Even though your tandem instructor seems super chill, the truth is they have so much experience that they won't even think about their camera once the skydive is underway. Skydiving is unique in the sense that it is a sport that prohibits you from multitasking. You have to be 110% committed to being in the moment of the jump to safely and successfully execute it.

... A Snag Hazard?

Any superfluous or ill-advised element of your skydiving outfit (even rings or earrings, hooks on your shoes etc.) or any sticky-outy skydiving gear adds to the potential of a snag hazard. Getting snagged on anything is a baaad idea when skydiving, which is why skydivers dress in a very deliberate way. No bells and whistles or fancy pants. Wearing a camera most definitely ups the odds of a snag. Until jumpers consistently demonstrate competency of skills and mastery of safety protocols in the event of an emergency - both to others and to themselves - cameras are prohibited. No exceptions.

Are Skydiving Photos Worth It?

Hands down, YES!

Skydiving may be a once in a lifetime experience for you, and similar to your graduation or wedding, the photos are priceless. Even if you continue to skydive (which we hope you do!), you will never get your first jump back.

are skydiving photos worth it?

By design, our video packages capture your entire experience at the dropzone, from gearing up and boarding the plane, to soaring through the sky during freefall and your epic landing. Catch yourself in the act of doing something extraordinary and then receive the gift of empowerment over and over again! Plus, if there's no video ... did it even happen?


While you can't personally take photos or video, we promise to capture your life-changing experience! (Don't forget to tag us! #skydivelongisland) Ready to book your jump? Let's go!

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