Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

Why Group Skydiving with Friends in NY is a MUST!

Published: February 11, 2020

There is no question that skydiving is always a good time, but like so many things in life, it is even more epic when shared with friends! Whether you're taking your office sky-high for team bonding or planning a 30th birthday group jump - group skydiving is a must.

While there are plenty of people that live for adrenaline and don't hesitant at all before jumping, there are also people that are curious about skydiving but are generally unlikely to try it alone. That's where group skydiving comes in! Not only is it a fantastic experience to share with your friends, family, or co-workers, but it creates a safe space for people to push themselves out of there comfort zones and out of planes!

Group Event in NY - Skydiving

Still not convinced that group skydiving is for you? Imagine this.

You convince your friends and even your parents to join you on a birthday group jump. You book your jump at Skydive Long Island, and before you know it, the big day is here.

Everyone shows up to the dropzone, ready to take the plunge together. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement and nerves as you head into the training session and prepare for your jump.

You suit up and snap a few pics for the gram as you anxiously await to board.

Once at altitude, you pinch yourself to make sure this is real. You take a deep breath and look around at your loved ones, all pulsating with excitement as you prepare to jump.

Skydiving with Friends, fun things to do in Long Island New York

And just like that, you are flying. Free-falling through the atmosphere with your people surrounding you. Your body fills with pure joy as you soar through the air.

Your canopy opens, and pure bliss washes over you as you slowly descend towards the ground.

Your feet hit the ground, and you collapse to the ground from pure joy. Your heart is racing, and your face is sore from smiling, but you can't stop.

Skydiving with friends NY

You look up and see your loved ones rushing towards you. It's high-fives and hugs all around as you bathe in this unforgettable moment fueled by exhilaration, accomplishment, and adrenaline.

You did it. You did it TOGETHER.

Ready to book your group skydive? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your unforgettable day.

Book Ahead

We want your experience to be everything you hope for and more. For most people, group skydiving means your entire squad is jumping on the same day and depending on the size of your group, the same plane. Our team will do what we can to make your dream come true, but to do that; it is crucial that you book ahead.

When you make your reservation, you will choose from several available dates and times, keep in mind that these are arrival times, not jump times. You will also need to be sure that you select a slot that has enough open slots for your group size.

Group Skydiving Discounts and Pricing

Not only are you sharing a once in a lifetime experience with your friends, but group jumps are available for a discounted rate.

If you make a booking of 4 or more, you are eligible to receive a discounted rate. Check out our skydiving group rates below:

  • Option 1: Groups of 4-7 People ? $10 OFF Per Person
  • Option 2: Groups of 8 or More ? $20 OFF Per Person

Please note that group discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Get that video!

Time and time again, we see people regret not getting the video of their first group jump. Trust us, once it's over, you'll want to relive it, so go for it! We offer high-quality video services that are delivered straight to your inbox so you can easily share your video and make all your other friends envious.

Still not convinced? Check out our article: Are Skydiving Videos Worth the Money?

Be Patient

The most important word at Skydive Long Island is SAFETY. It is our primary focus day in and day out, which means we take our time to ensure that everything is ready to go before taking you up into the air. There are a lot of factors that go into preparing group skydives, so please be prepared to spend at least 3 hours with us and remember that the bigger your group is, the more time it will take. Additionally, there's always a possibility of adverse weather, which is out of our control. We do our best to get all students up as soon as weather conditions are optimal. The bottom is here is patience is KEY. We ask that you bear with us and know that everything we do is for the safety of our customers.

Still have questions about group skydiving? Check our FAQ or reach out to us here

We are looking forward to flying with you!

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This was my first sky diving experience and I must say I was really impressed. The staff on a whole was extremely friendly and professional.

» Elexus H.

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