Why Starting Out Tandem Skydiving Is A Good Idea

Why Starting Out Tandem Skydiving Is A Good Idea

Published: January 10, 2018

Strictly speaking, your first jump out of a plane does not have to be a tandem skydiving experience. That said: It's a pretty darn good idea. Here's why (and some good news, to boot!):

1. Compare skydiving to motorcycling, and it'll make loads more sense

To understand why this is the case, you can consider the idea of a first motorcycle ride. It's totally possible to get on a motorcycle by yourself the first time you ride one. However: It's certainly not a terrible idea to ride on the back for the first go, just to get familiar with the sensations - and watch how an expert handles the control mechanisms - before you take it out on the road alone.

That makes sense, right? When you hop up on that seat for the first time, you're totally out of your element. In the same way that a motorcycle is the-same-but-different from a lot of things your body has experienced before, it's different enough to be a little harrowing, especially at speed. Controlling that speed can be tricky. The safety checklist is long and novel. Finally, riding a motorcycle for the first time is scary. You know at the outset that, if you make one false move, you could easily throw yourself right into oncoming traffic.

On that first ride, it's nice to be accompanied by someone who knows what they're doing. For exactly the same reasons, we heartily recommend tandem skydiving for a first-time jumper.

2. You'll have more fun (and be more likely to complete your license)

Just like that imagined first-time motorcycle ride, tandem skydiving is an intense prospect. Absolutely everyone is nervous on that first jump, and those jittery vibrations have a tendency to shake up your ability to remember details. Seen from that perspective, tandem skydiving is a favor you can do for yourself, allowing you to fully experience your first skydive without adding unnecessary pressure. Consider tandem skydiving an investment in your future in the sport.

It also bears mention that you can expect to learn more when you're studying, firsthand, the actions of someone has gone through these paces a thousand times before. With an expert to show you the ropes while you get used to the feels, you can pick up the basics and get familiar in a less frantic mindset. ....and that brings us to the next point.

3. You'll still learn a ton about skydiving

If you're aiming at earning your skydiving license, you're probably raring to get started. You might think that diving straight into your Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the only way to learn what you need to at the fastest possible rate.

Interestingly, that's not at all true.

If you choose tandem skydiving, you'll be able to rest easy that someone else is going to be in charge of the life-saving. Instead of freaking out that you'll forget something and get hurt, you can chill out and study up. We'll welcome the opportunity to introduce you to every bit of equipment, every nuance of body position, every quirk of the plane... everything. Just let us know that's your bailiwick and we'll go right into professor mode so you can show up to your AFF ground school with plenty of info already in your back pocket.

Let us be the first to invite you, then: Wanna go for a ride? Hop right on! You'll be home-free and flyin' solo much quicker than you think.

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