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    Ready to experience one of life's greatest adventures? Tandem skydiving allows first-time jumpers to experience the thrill of skydiving with no prior experience required!

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    First time skydiving? Have questions? No problem! Check out the Skydive Long Island™ FAQ page to find answers to our guests' most frequently asked questions about skydiving in Long Island.

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    Take your gift giving to the next level! Be a hero and give your friend or loved one a gift they will NEVER forget: a skydive! Skydive Long Island™ offers tandem skydiving gift certificates for every occasion. View gift certificate info and rates here.

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Welcome to Skydive Long Island™, Long Island's premier skydiving facility!

In 2017, Skydive Long Island™ will begin a new era of Long Island skydiving at our beautiful new location at the Brookhaven Airport in Shirley, NY. Now under new ownership, Skydive Long Island™ promises to offer exceptional service, breathtaking views, and unforgettable skydiving adventures! Learn more about our rebrand here.

If you live in the NYC metro area, Skydive Long Island™ makes skydiving NYC easy and convenient. Located just 55 miles east of New York City, we are NYC's closest tandem skydiving center. If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, let the seasoned and experienced professionals at Skydive Long Island™ get you into the air above the Atlantic Coast. This is Long Island skydiving at its best!

Our specialty at Skydive Long Island™ is first time skydivers. If you're looking to "skydive near me" and make your first jump, there is no better place to do it than Skydive Long Island™. Our experienced instructors, breathtaking coastal views and easy access from New York City, New Jersey, and the Hamptons have made us the #1 choice for skydiving NYC!

It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to jump again. My instructor was great, experienced, and made me feel at ease. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

» Chanel D. | Read More Testimonials

Recent Skydiving Articles

  • Does Skydiving Feel Like Falling?

    Sep 25

    Does Skydiving Feel Like Falling?

    We get asked a lot, "what does skydiving feel like?" When people imagine going skydiving, they are often picturing themselves falling through the sky with that roller-coaster feeling in their belly. Despite literally plummeting through the sky toward Earth, there is none of that sensation you would expect. Why is that, and what does skydiving actually feel like?

  • How Fast Do You Fall When Skydiving Tandem?

    Sep 25

    How Fast Do You Fall When Skydiving Tandem?

    Everyone knows that when you skydive, you are jumping out of a plane and falling through the sky toward the ground. But exactly how fast do you fall when skydiving? When you make a tandem skydive, you fall at about 120 mph on average, but the skydiving speed depends on a few things. Check it -

  • Can You Go Skydiving and Scuba on the Same Day?

    Aug 19

    Can You Go Skydiving and Scuba on the Same Day?

    If you're trying to have the most adventurous 24 hours ever, you might be interested in scuba diving and flying (and jumping out of that perfectly good plane!) all in the same day. It's a cool idea - and also a potentially very dangerous one.

    There are lots of skydiving rules and recommendations that cover a multitude of topics you probably wouldn't have thought to even associate with skydiving. For instance, it can be an issue to scuba and fly within a short period of time. Both are extreme types of diving, but one is miles above the ground and the other is below sea level.

  • Drunk Skydiving: Can You Drink and 'Dive?

    Aug 19

    Drunk Skydiving: Can You Drink and 'Dive?

    Let's be real, nobody really says "dive" when talking about skydiving but we just couldn't miss out on the punny opportunity! Get it?!?!

    Anyway ... the question is: can you drink before skydiving? The answer is, no. Some people are totally ready to take the plunge and go all-in for their first time skydiving experience, but some others feel the need to fuel up with a little liquid courage to muster the bravery to go skydiving. However, it is PROHIBITED to have any alcohol in your system the day of your skydive.

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