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    Ready to experience one of life's greatest adventures? Tandem skydiving allows first-time jumpers to experience the thrill of skydiving with no prior experience required!

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    First time skydiving? Have questions? No problem! Check out the Skydive Long Island FAQ page to find answers to our guests' most frequently asked questions about skydiving in Long Island.

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    Take your gift giving to the next level! Be a hero and give your friend or loved one a gift they will NEVER forget: a skydive! Skydive Long Island offers tandem skydiving gift certificates for every occasion. View gift certificate info and rates here.

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    Skydive Long Island offers the area's most competitive tandem skydiving rates! Take a look at our prices and current skydiving deals and specials here.


Welcome to Skydive Long Island, Long Island's premier skydiving facility!

In 2017, Skydive Long Island will begin a new era of Long Island skydiving at our beautiful new location at the Brookhaven Airport in Shirley, NY. Now under new ownership, Skydive Long Island promises to offer exceptional service, breathtaking views, and unforgettable skydiving adventures! Learn more about our rebrand here.

If you live in the NYC metro area, Skydive Long Island makes skydiving NYC easy and convenient. Located just 55 miles east of New York City, we are NYC's closest tandem skydiving center. If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, let the seasoned and experienced professionals at Skydive Long Island get you into the air above the Atlantic Coast. This is Long Island skydiving at its best!

Our specialty at Skydive Long Island is first time skydivers. If you're looking to "skydive near me" and make your first jump, there is no better place to do it than Skydive Long Island. Our experienced instructors, breathtaking coastal views and easy access from New York City, New Jersey, and the Hamptons have made us the #1 choice for skydiving NYC!

Everyone was super friendly. Skydiving for the first time was amazing and the instructors made the experience very fun.

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    Can You Wear Glasses or Contacts Skydiving? (And Other Important Skydiving Information)

    You're going skydiving for the first time! You have questions! Honestly, if you didn't have any skydiving-related questions on the way to stepping into a plane for the first time, we'd be pretty worried about you. After all, a skydiving aircraft isn't something you should walk into (or out of) with your intellectual eyes closed. Right? Great! Let's set 'em up and knock 'em down.

  • Skydiving: Best Gift Idea for Thrill Seekers

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    Skydiving: Best Gift Idea for Thrill Seekers

    We're about to blow your flippin' mind. Ready? Here goes: Tandem skydiving isn't just the most inspiring adventure you can have. It's also the most inspiring gift you can give! A tandem skydiving gift certificate is one of the best of all the gift ideas for thrill seekers (and beyond!). Not only is it one of the ultimate among adrenaline junkie gift ideas, it'll make sure cause your lucky recipient thinks of you affectiontely every time they see the big, blue sky. Winner!

  • 5 Things You Thought You Knew About Skydiving, But Are Wrong

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    5 Things You Thought You Knew About Skydiving, But Are Wrong

    Hollywood is certainly to blame for lots of the myths about skydiving that still make the rounds. (The round parachutes, that is! Ha! Get it? Get it?! Not funny? Okay.) After all, movies still haven't figured out how long freefall takes -- and they get the lingo all wrong (example: we never, ever, ever refer to our "chute") -- and, to add insult to injury, the movies all insist on referring to us, implicitly or explicitly, as "adrenaline junkies." Lawdy.

  • Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    Aug 6

    Best Time of Year to Go Tandem Skydiving in New York

    We believe that anytime is the best time to skydive in New York, but we're willing to admit that the skydiving weather definitely drives most folks' experience. The weather conditions for skydiving from season to season vary as much as can be up here in our fair state, and so skydiving in the NYC area can be just about anything you want it to be. Hooray for a skydiving season that doesn't quit!

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