Are Skydiving Videos Worth The Money?

Are Skydiving Videos Worth The Money?

Published: September 28, 2016

You wouldn't get married without a wedding photographer. The very idea seems absurd! To go through one of the biggest days of your life without some form of record of the day would be such a shame.

The same is true for skydiving. This is one of the most exciting things you'll do in your life and believe us, you'll want to document it! Here are just a few of the reasons we believe skydiving videos are totally worth it.

Sensory Overload

Jumping from an airplane is one of the most incredible experiences you'll ever have. It's also incredibly unusual - how often do you find yourself sat in the door of an aircraft and then falling through the air?

The unusual nature of the skydive means that often, you'll experience something called 'sensory overload'. This means you'll be totally aware, but there's so much going on, you may not remember the exact details.

Opting to have your experience caught on camera means that you have the opportunity to watch it all back again. It's also a different perspective, as your camera person is able to capture the exact moment you jump from the aircraft, watch you as you fall through the air and film the opening of your parachute too. You'll see your skydive from a whole new point of view; it's the perfect way to remember it forever.

Sharing The Experience

Another thing about skydiving is that it can be a really fun day out for your friends and family too. Particularly if you've raised money for charity or you're doing your jump for a special occasion, it's really nice to have the people you care about there to share the day with you.

We've got great facilities here, so spectators can relax while watching the parachutes coming in to land. Unfortunately, one thing your friends and family can't see is you in freefall. They can see the aircraft and they can make out the shape of you from the ground, but they can't see what you look like in freefall.

Therefore, opting to have your jump filmed is a brilliant way to share the experience with everyone.

How We Capture You in Flight

At Skydive Long Island we use the 'inside video' method which is a handcam attached to your tandem instructor to capture your adventure! Skydiving centers usually use one of two styles to capture the experience - outside video (when a separate jumper flies with you separately) or inside video (handcam).

Handcam has nearly replaced outside video in the sport as it provides a great opportunity to capture an up-close perspective of the entire skydive with little chance of a poor product (as some camera flyers have difficulty staying in close proximity of tandem pairs). The biggest 'plus' to handcam is capturing your emotions and the incredible view from under parachute. With outside video this is not a possibility.

A Social Media Explosion

Do you ever share photos and videos to social media like Facebook?

If you have, you'll know the reaction you can get to photos and video from your friends and family. Now imagine how many likes you'll get for a photo or video of you making a skydive!

Someone To Smile At

One of the really fun things about having a camera person film you is that you get to see them in front of you in freefall!

Of course, the views are incredible too, but it's a lot of fun smiling and waving at your camera person. And quite surreal to see someone falling through the sky in front of you!

If you would like to book a video package with your Long Island skydive, you can view our skydiving video packages online, or if you have any questions, give us a call.

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