Best Shoes For Skydiving

Best Shoes For Skydiving

Published: January 31, 2019

Shoes serve a fairly important primary purpose: to protect our precious feet from the adversities of the environment. But, utilizing our general human genius, we discovered footwear could be modified as to be properly suited for different demands. Are you getting ready to make a skydive and wondering what you should sport from head to toe? While there are no specific "best shoes for skydiving", here's what you need to know.

What These Skydiving Shoes Should Do For You

When picking your footwear for skydiving, principal factors to consider are:

  • utility (can they handle a quick jog across the tarmac, stay put in freefall, and land a parachute?)
  • stability (will they protect your you ankles and provide them with sufficient support),
  • durability (will they fall apart after one use?)
  • and, of course... looks (we don't think we need to explain this one)!

(Ok, we think these kicks from Groovebags look just WICKED.)

Groovebags Skydiving Shoes


As a brand, Vans are almost synonymous with action sports.

Originating in 1966, Vans has become the go-to shoe choice for skaters, surfers, snowboarders, BMX'ers - and that's right - skydivers! It's true this retro option could be considered "old school," but you won't find them in any "Old Fogey Starter Pack." Rather, it is "old school" inasmuch as these shoes have been sported for decades by people who like to push the limits.

Likewise, newer iterations of this classic skate shoe offer a padded ankle collar and provide just the right mix of stability, flexibility, and style, making them a popular choice for many safety-conscious, fashion-forward skydivers.

One word of advice: Avoid the slip-on version. The greedy, grabby hands of a 120mph freefall will totally steal them. Laces are where it's at.

Classic Chucks

Originating way back in 1917, Converse shoes are definitely not the new kids on the block. Designed primarily as a basketball shoe, the classic chuck was popularized in the early 1920s by professional basketball star, and namesake, Chuck Taylor. That's right, these low-fuss classic canvas shoes have been around for nearly a century.

All in all, the minimalist sneaker hasn't changed much over its lifetime, proving the often-touted adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

When it comes to skydiving, the high-top version is a lightweight choice that can still provide some stability and protect ankles from minor scuffs and scratches. Plus, the flat bottoms make sliding in a landing smooth and easy.

Five Ten Freerider

The Adidas Five Ten Freerider is relatively new to the skydiving scene, but please, don't let the limited exposure fool you.

Offering great support and a significant amount of durability, these shoes, primarily designed for mountain biking, are being seen more regularly at skydiving drop zones across the nation. Designed with a unique one-of-a-kind rubber called "Stealth Rubber", the soles of these shoes interlock with the surfaces beneath them to provide the wearer with unparalleled traction. With the added benefit of more arch support than is generally found in a skate shoe, these are also a perfect choice for people who plan to be consistently active in them.

If you're looking for a great multi-purpose sporty shoe to take to the trail and the sky, the Five Ten might be the one for you.

Something Custom

Instead of searching high and low for the perfect option, you can always go custom. Many companies allow you to create custom shoes using your designs and color combinations. Just make sure you order your custom kicks well ahead of time. Typical timelines are 5 weeks from order to delivery.

Or if you are celebrating something special with this skydive, why not sport a pair of shoes that perfectly suit the occasion? Stop by the airbrush station in the mall and get your gear outfitted with a message or particular date. You'll have a memorable moment and something to remember it by!

Your Tried and True Sneakers

Have a pair of beat-em-up sneaks that have served you well? There's no need to go and drop any more dough if you already have the perfect gear at home. Nothing is quite as comfortable as a pair of well-loved, broken-in sneakers. For skydiving footwear, comfort is key. As long as they are flat soled and can lace up snugly (without snag-hazard hooks), they are just fine for skydiving. Plus, if they end up a little muddy, it's no big deal. Just another bit of dust to show where you've been, right?

Alright fancy-feet, feeling ready to try out your top shoe pick on a tandem skydive? Contact Skydive Long Island Today.

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