Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

Beware of the Skydiving Addiction

Published: October 27, 2021

Skydiving is a lot of things. It can change your life in a single jump ... and it can offer a window into a whole new world of intoxicating experiences and adventures that can hook you forever.

If you ask us, skydiving is something everyone should do at least once. But, for many people, once is not enough. It's their hobby, lifestyle, career, and competitive sport. Jumping out of airplanes is a huge amount of fun, and the many benefits of the incredible sport make it very addictive.

Here is why a skydiving addiction is a good thing ...

The People Are Awesome:

A skydiver is not a particular type of person. A skydiver is every type of person. Dropzones are crawling with super cool humans from all walks of life, drawn together by how it feels to skydive. Sure, the adrenaline-junkie-extreme-sports types are present, and so are folks from most any occupation you can imagine. One of the most appealing things about skydiving is that it levels the playing field. Everyone is on an even footing - whether you live in a tent on the airfield and pack parachutes for jump tickets or spend your days in the operating room as a brain surgeon.

Skydiving Experience New York

It Makes You Feel Amazing:

Skydiving is a huge endorphin rush. Situations that we perceive as risky release chemicals produced by our bodies that allow us to operate more efficiently, both physically and mentally (hello, adrenaline!). There's also a feel-good mix that can feel euphoric and can last for a good while afterwards (hey, dopamine and serotonin!). The lingering effects of skydiving can have a mega positive effect on our overall mood, which can make it a pretty wholesome addiction to have - and can keep you returning for more and more (and more!).

It Will Take You Amazing Places:

A skydiver's home dropzone becomes a very important place. This is the spot that you go to at every available opportunity to develop your skydiving skills and hang out with like-minded people. Skydiving happens all around the world, though, and there are spectacular locations out there to take your parachute. The skydiving community is like one big, happy family, and when the time comes to go on a trip, you can bank on there being people at your destination who will welcome you in. And that's a great feeling.

It Helps You Be Better:

Skydiving is most definitely a sport. Doing a tandem skydive or working your way up to your A License is within reach, but developing advanced skills is a hyper-involved and challenging process. The methods and practices used to learn ever-better parachuting abilities can influence the way you function in the world, as you'll find yourself applying them to your whole life. This can be a powerful source of motivation to keep feeding your addiction, and returning to the dropzone again and again (and again!) to aim for that next goal.

Skydiving View

You Will See The World Differently:

Jumping out of a plane and into the wide-open sky is like viewing the world clearly for the first time. The air is fresher than ever before ... the view is more breathtaking than you can possibly imagine ... and the world is way, waaay wider than you thought. Skydiving helps you to live in the moment. Between exit, freefall, canopy flight, and landing, your mind becomes crystal clear. All there is, is you in the here and now.


Lots of things in the world are addictive, but few offer as many wholesome advantages as an addiction to skydiving. You only need to try it once to know how amazing it feels, and the methods we use to introduce people to skydiving for the first time are a great way to discover more about what it's all about.

The Skydive Long Island bunch is famously welcoming - and we're all hopelessly addicted - and we would love it for you to join us and discover the magic for yourself. Blue skies!

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My GF and I just had our first sky diving experience with Skydive Long Island this past weekend and it was FANTASTIC!

» Tad K.

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