How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

How Much Does Tandem Skydiving Cost?

Published: April 7, 2020

When thinking about skydiving, people tend to have a lot of questions and one of the most common ones is around the cost to go skydiving. At Skydive Long Island, we strive to provide each of our guests with a first-class tandem skydiving experience. We value your business and don't want the cost to stand in the way of you experiencing the best skydiving Long Island has to offer, which is why we provide the area's most competitive tandem skydiving prices.

Skydiving Cost

What Are The Costs?

The standard cost to go tandem skydiving with us is $298 but that's if you just show up without any reservation. However, you can save just shy of $70 of your hard-earned cash if you book online with us ahead of time. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Plus when you book ahead, you'll have the added benefit of knowing what time you can expect to jump out of an airplane.

What's Included?

  • Training and Gear - prior to your tandem skydive, you'll spend some time in a short ground training class to get a brief overview of what to expect, along with being able to get any last minute questions answered. Then you'll be paired up with one of our professional skydiving instructors who will get you into your gear. There are no upcharges for any equipment needed to make your tandem jump; everything from your jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, altimeter and most importantly, your parachute system, will all be included in the price of your skydive.
  • Professional staff - when you tandem skydive at Skydive Long Island, you'll be teamed up with one of our professional instructors who will accompany you every step of the way. Before the airplane door opens, you will be securely attached to your instructor and remain attached for the remainder of the tandem skydive, parachute flight, and landing. Once the parachute is open, you can fly it along with your instructor.
  • Breathtaking aerial views - from the airplane's take off to the parachute flight, you will enjoy seeing Long Island Sound, the twin forks, Westhampton Beach, the Atlantic Ocean, Smith Point County Park, and the Fire Island National Seashore. On clear days, you can even see all the way to Montauk and New York City!

Group Pricing

There is no question that skydiving is always a good time, but like so many things in life, it is even more epic when shared with friends! Whether you're taking your office sky-high for team bonding or planning a 30th birthday group jump - group skydiving is a must. When you get a group of four or more, you'll each get $10 off your skydive. If you manage to talk eight or more people into jumping with you, you'll each get $20 off. The more the merrier!

Group Skydiving Fun

Additional Options

Tandem skydiving from two miles above the beaches of Long Island will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life! Skydive Long Island offers high quality video and photo packages that are delivered straight to your e-mail so you can easily download and share your experience with family and friends. Our professionals use high-resolution cameras to capture everything from the pre-jump briefing, to gear up, to the airplane flight. We keep the cameras rolling as you jump out, freefall through the sky, and fly your parachute all the way back to earth. You only make your first jump once in your life - get the video and photos! If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, let our seasoned and experienced professionals at Skydive Long Island get you into the air above the Atlantic Coast. Book your tandem skydive online today and get ready to experience one of life's greatest adventures!

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The freefall is not as bad as I thought it would be, rollercoasters are much much worse. Freefall feels like you're going through a giant wind tunnel and you can't be scared because you're too high up. Fantastic experience and I can't wait to do it again.

» Art T.

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