Skydiving Benefits

Skydiving Benefits

Published: October 27, 2021

Skydiving can have a deep and profound effect on the way you view the world and travel through it as a person. Jumping out of an aircraft and falling back to earth using only gravity and a parachute to return you to terra firma is far more than a bucket-list goal that we do because we can - it can also have a powerful and lasting positive influence on both your physical and mental wellbeing. This can be attributed to a few things, so let's examine the health benefits of skydiving ...


Skydiving is super cool. And telling the people you care about and showing them the media from your jump will make you feel good about it all over again, but there are also some solid science reasons why jumping can enhance your mood - both immediately and on down the road.

Skydiving is a highly managed and precise sporting activity that we have become very good at repeating over and over again. While there is risk involved, skydiving is actually safer than many things that we do all the time - and on the day of your jump, driving to the dropzone may be the most dangerous part of the process. That said, we perceive leaping from the open door of an airplane as a dangerous thing to do, and this puts all the systems in our bodies on high alert.

Entering 'fight or flight' mode releases a rush of chemicals created by our physiology that help us perform better in stressful and challenging situations. Adrenaline is dumped into your bloodstream, making your heart beat faster and increasing the blood flow to your brain and muscles in order to help you react quickly and with increased energy. You also release dopamine which, being tied to your brain's reward system, allows for feelings of pleasure and even euphoria. Serotonin is prominent in the mix too, stabilizing mood and promoting happiness.

Skydiving effects on the brain


Jumping from the open door of a plane and out into the infinite sky is an awe-inspiring experience. The unobstructed views of the landscape below are amazing, and from freefall it is as though you are seeing the world in high definition for the first time. (And if you're flying over your hometown, boy howdy can it be eye opening!)

Human beings are land animals, so there is something about flight that speaks to us on a spiritual level and has a very positive influence on the way we exist in the world. When you skydive, you are falling through the air using only gravity for power but the force generated by the 'relative wind' means you are in control. People often think that freefall might be a wild and unruly ride, but the opposite is true - a total sense of freedom is created by precision and control.


If you have never been skydiving before the idea is a scary one - but perhaps nothing comes as close to the single action of facing your fears as exiting through the door into the open air. As soon as you jump, all of the fear you were carrying with you is immediately gone, as if it has been left behind in the plane with the old you. The new you, the one that does things like skydiving, will find things previously defined as scary to be less intimidating, and seemingly impossible things less challenging - because you know that even if a task appears daunting, you have what it takes to get it done.

Tandem Skydiving


The benefits of skydiving and the lessons you learn from even a single jump can stay with you forever. The various health benefits add up to what can be the most important and influential experiences you ever have. For these reasons, in our opinion, everyone should go skydiving at least once. And - pro tip - it's highly recommended that you opt in to video services. Empowering yourself with the opportunity to witness your extraordinary accomplishment over and over again is priceless.

It doesn't matter when you jump or how often, because these mental and physical benefits are available whenever you wish. Sometimes people go skydiving on special occasions, such as a milestone birthday - or every year on their birthday! Some gather up a group and take the plunge together, sealing the deal on the gift of a shared experience that will keep on giving.


When you're ready to take the leap, we are here to help you get the absolute most from your time at the dropzone! Blue skies!

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My GF and I just had our first sky diving experience with Skydive Long Island this past weekend and it was FANTASTIC!

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