Skydiving Goggles: What You Should Know

Skydiving Goggles: What You Should Know

Published: June 14, 2017

Skydiving goggles aren't given a lot of thought, but they are a super important part of your skydiving kit. They keep your eyes protected as you fall through the air and make it possible for you to take in the amazing views all around!

Here's everything you need to know about your skydiving goggles:

Why do we wear skydiving goggles?

Skydivers wear goggles to protect their eyes during freefall in particular. When wind is rushing up at you at speeds of around 120mph, it's good to have something to stop your eyes getting all dried out, and goggles are the ideal solution!

Skydiving goggles aren't like the goggles you'd wear in the swimming pool or skiing (though skydivers have been known to try out ski goggles in freefall!). They don't restrict your view at all, and they usually have small holes in them which make it possible for the air to get in and stops the goggles fogging up.

Can I wear skydiving goggles over glasses or contacts?

Yes, absolutely! We have goggles which fit easily over your glasses, so you can wear both during your skydive and see every detail of this amazing experience!

If you wear contact lenses, you can still wear those under the goggles too, but it's likely we'll tape over the little holes, which stops the air blowing the lenses out.

When do I have to put my skydiving goggles on?

Your skydiving goggles are designed to be worn during freefall and are vented to prevent them fogging up.

But if you put them on too early in the plane ride up, they can get clouded over, which makes it difficult to see. Even if you try to clear the fog by wiping it away with your hands, it's still going to leave a mark across the lenses which will obstruct your view. It's far better to wait until you're just about to jump, when your instructor will prompt you to put them on.

Who needs to wear skydiving goggles?

Everyone who's making a skydive needs to wear goggles. There are some occasions where you might not, such as jumping from a lower altitude, but on the whole, you do need to have them on.

That includes tandem skydivers, people learning to skydive, and experienced jumpers. Everyone needs to protect their eyes for their jump.

When skydivers get more experienced, they can opt to wear full-face helmets instead, which have visors on in place of goggles.

Can I buy my own skydiving goggles?

As a tandem student, you're welcome to borrow our goggles. As you learn to jump, you can borrow them too, but after a few jumps, you may want to think about buying your own.

Skydiving goggles only cost a few dollars and come in different colored rims too, giving you chance to start building your full skydiving kit in the color of your choice!

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