Type of Person Who Skydives

Type of Person Who Skydives

Published: February 21, 2022

Why do people skydive? What is it about jumping from an airplane that appeals so much to humans? Are skydivers crazy?

People skydive for a lot of reasons. It's a challenge, a thrill ... the most fun ever. But it is not only a playground for stereotypical, wild-eyed adrenalin junkies. One of the most interesting and fulfilling parts of skydiving is that there is not a single kind of person that does it, and the skydiving community is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life. The important thing to know and understand about the type of person who skydives, is that no matter where they come from, they share some common motivations with other people found at the dropzone and in the sky.

Let's get into what qualities skydivers share, and what skydiving says about you!

Skydiving Qualities


Skydivers are an inquisitive bunch!

Unable to escape the force of gravity, we all wonder about the sensation of flight ... although, some more than others. People who decide to skydive are most curious indeed.

Burning with questions? Ask away! Every skydiver has been in your shoes once, and we all benefit from staying curious! The more engaged you are with your skydive, the more you'll get out of the experience. All skydivers start in exactly the same place: jump #1. A keen interest in how everything works inspires every jumper's journey to solo skydiver status and on to where they are now. The more you ask, the more insight and information you'll receive!


Skydivers are tenacious.

new york skydiving

Civilian skydiving started growing in popularity in the 80s and today, with super sophisticated tandem skydiving gear, it's extremely accessible. Those who decide to pursue skydiving beyond the initial jump quickly realize that it's also highly technical. There are a multitude of styles and disciplines to explore that can take a lifetime to master.

So, skydivers are far from crazy. In fact, skydivers tend to be the very opposite of the careless characters that are presented in movies and on TV. The majority of skydivers are methodical, conscientious and risk-averse. Skydiving is only fun if you can do it over and over again ... which means engaging in rigorous training, building skills over time, retaining an enormous amount of information, and adhering to strict safety protocols.


Skydivers tend to be hyper goal-oriented.

Skydivers not only face up to but also overcome enormous challenges in order to engage in the sport at all, let alone advance in it. Skydiving is one of those things that isn't scary when you're actually doing it, but the anticipation of it can be overwhelming. To get to the life-changing part of the experience, it's key to begin with the end in mind - see the freefall ... the canopy flight ... the landing ... the accomplishment of something spectacular. People who skydive understand in advance that bravely meeting the moment releases the possibility of attaining the reward on the other side.


There is no single kind of person who skydives. Pretty much anyone can do it, and the rewards are huge no matter where you come from in life or where you are going. Jumping out of a plane and falling at terminal velocity towards the earth is a physical and mental experience - and for many even a spiritual one. The type of people who skydive, above all else, believe in being the best version of themselves. Here at Skydive Long Island we have everything you need to achieve your first skydive - come jump with us!

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The freefall is not as bad as I thought it would be, rollercoasters are much much worse. Freefall feels like you're going through a giant wind tunnel and you can't be scared because you're too high up. Fantastic experience and I can't wait to do it again.

» Art T.

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