Why Skydiving Is Awesome

Why Skydiving Is Awesome

Published: August 16, 2016

Skydiving is awesome because Point Break totally doesn't work as a stage play.

Skydiving is awesome because jumping out of a plane is not very interesting when it's parked in the hangar.

Skydiving is awesome because it's only appropriate to sing Danger Zone to yourself at top volume when you're in freefall and you're the only one who can hear you.

Okay--while all those things are true, they're not really at the heart of why skydiving is awesome. Want to the straight story? Here goes.

1. Total Facebook Domination.

It's a thing. You know it's a thing. We know it's a thing. Everybody knows it's a thing. We're not making it a thing; it just is.

Here's how it's gonna go: There are going to be photos and video of your supernova smile hurtling through skies over Long Island. Those photos are going to be the envy of every single one of your friends. It's destiny. Your social media will go hog-wild. Instant celebrity. Pow.

But y'know what? That's far from the best part.

2. It's Empowering In Ways You Can't Even Anticipate.

There's a magic in getting geared up and chucking yourself out the door of a "perfectly good airplane." We can honestly tell you that you will never be the same again. (First of all, you will never again make reference to a "perfectly good airplane" with a knowing smile, 'cause you will finally know that the best part of any aircraft is the moment you get to jump out of it.)

The fact is this: For something that will just take a few hours of your time, that tandem skydive is going to have grand repercussions. It's going to change your whole perspective. It will bestow sweeping confidence. It will shift the way you look at life's challenges. It'll also underline and highlight and draw hearts around your personal power. After all: if you can jump out of a plane with a smile, you can do anything--naysayers be damned.

3. It's A Lifestyle.

Skydiving isn't just about jumping out of a plane, kinda like surfing isn't just about standing on a board in the water, and yoga isn't just about stretching on a mat, and rock climbing isn't just about, well, climbing up a rock. Skydiving, over its lifetime as a sport, has home-grown a philosophy--one that revolves around freedom, community and multidisciplinary athletic progression.

(If you aren't already aware of its existence as a serious sport, Google "competitive skydiving" and get ready to catch your dropping jaw.)

Much like the surfing, yoga, and climbing examples given above, skydivers are a worldwide family that stands with open arms. Lots of people even come to the sport for the skydiving and stay for the people. Happens all the time.

4. So Much Fun Feels So Many Happy.

It's not uncommon for someone to show up at the dropzone for their first tandem skydive, then love it so much that they literally drop everything else and run off to join our circus. Seriously.

An even higher proportion of first-timers land from that first jump and march right back for another--or, even, the first jump in their solo skydiving license progression. From there, lots of those jumpers end up starring in a badass happily-ever-after story where they spend every weekend for the next decade (or six) making beautiful shapes in the sky.

Does that sound crazy? Is it possible to stumble upon something in life that's that awesome? Does radness of that caliber actually exist?

There's only one way to find out.

C'mon out and see!

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This was amazing! I would like to thank you all for a great experience and for helping me with my proposal.

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