Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

Published: December 18, 2021

Many of the questions you might have about how to get started in skydiving are answered by the tandem skydive. The feeling of exiting an aircraft and falling back towards the earth at 120mph is difficult to accurately describe to others - and after trying to properly explain it for a while, you'll likely aim to convince them to just try it for themselves!

But how do you explain what tandem skydiving is!? Let's get into it ...

What Is Tandem Skydiving?

Besides life changing, you mean?

Tandem skydiving is typically undertaken by a first-time jumper who is attached by harness to the front of a highly experienced instructor who wears the parachute. The technological masterpiece that is the tandem system allows novices to achieve the magic of human flight after only a concise and efficient briefing. So gooood!!

tandem skydiving

The instructor handles all of the technical stuff, such as exiting the plane, deploying the parachute at the right time, and flying the parachute (although they'll likely let you give it a try, too). The student has responsibilities as well, but they're easy to achieve and prompted by the instructor.

In short, nothing gets in the way of the tandem skydiver being totally free to enjoy every life-changing detail of their first-ever jump.

Tandem Skydiving is Important

Tandem skydiving is foundational.

It is for good reason that tandem students are referred to as exactly that - students.

Although the instruction a tandem student receives is pretty quick and not super technical, it is nonetheless important. The information is relevant not just for the first skydive - but to every skydive thereafter.

Tandem Skydiving is Worth the Time & Energy

How much you get from the experience is ultimately up to you, and the more effort you put into engaging with each part of the process, the more you will get from it.

Your tandem skydiving instructor isn't just highly skilled and experienced, they're also mega passionate about the sport. They could lug you around like a sack of laundry, but they'd much prefer to share their wealth of knowledge with eager students.

first time skydiving

They remember how amazing their first jump was, and they're motivated to share the love with as many people as possible.

Tandem Skydiving Makes it Official

Getting started in skydiving via tandem jumps is such a good way to begin that it's officially recognized by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) as transferable training. Every tandem you complete helps you work towards your skydiving license.

Tandem skydiving allows students to get a feeling for what it skydiving is all about, and then build on initial skills at a comfortable and productive pace.


Starting out with a tandem (or even a few tandems) is the very best way to understand the mechanics, benefits and fun of skydiving. There's nothing left to it but to do it - come jump with us!

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