Benefits of Adrenaline from Skydiving

Benefits of Adrenaline from Skydiving

Published: March 21, 2022

The human body is nothing short of amazing. When called upon, our bodies are capable of operating at a much higher level than when we are at rest. This is called our fight or flight response - a reactive state that we developed over time to preserve our safety and to ensure our success.

Although we no longer need to worry about hunting Wooly Mammoths, the fight or flight response continues to be useful during intense situations we perceive as risky. Jumping out of a "perfectly good airplane" is one of those situations - and staring fight or flight in the face and taking the leap anyway feels unbelievable. Why? Because of the chemical cocktail that courses through your body every step of the way ... starting with adrenaline. Here's the skinny!

Skydiving & Adrenaline

Skydiving & Adrenaline

When we go skydiving adrenaline is released inside our bodies. Actually, let's back up. For some, just the thought of skydiving will get adrenaline going for some folks. For most, though, it starts with the first steps onto the dropzone when it sinks it that this is happening. We naturally recognize that we should be fully switched on for what's coming next. Respiration and blood flow take a front seat in preparation for fight or flight. If higher output is needed from our muscles and quick decision making is soon in order, we're ready.

Pre-jump training, suiting up, boarding the plane, climbing to altitude, scooting to the open door ... yeah, adrenaline is pumping. Bring it on ... Take the leap and freefall at 120 mph?? ADRENALINE SURGE!!! It feels SO GOOD you don't want it to end! Incredible! Intoxicating! Euphoric! This is why people land and want to jump again ... and again, and again! Getting hooked on the adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving is a real possibility. (And we haven't even mentioned the loveliness that comes with the serotonin and dopamine dumps that follow!)

The Effects of Skydiving on the Brain

Jumping from an aircraft is a major life goal for many people, and smashing it not only comes with an enormous sense of achievement but there are real benefits of skydiving too. The positive effects of skydiving on the brain include operating better physically, lifting your mood, fostering the best version of yourself, and improving your overall mental health.

The Effects of Skydiving on the BrainSkydiving can also offer profound perspective. There's something about literally seeing the world from a whole new angle that helps you gain a new point of view. Skydiving can empower you to face up to things that previously felt insurmountable. Once you have done it, scary things seem less scary.

Jumping out of planes is a deep and engaging sport that can forever impact your life after one jump, or - if you fall in love after first flight like we all did - it can take a lifetime to master, and every step of the journey is filled with unexpected rewards.


There are many ways to get your adrenaline fix but, if you ask us, skydiving is the very best! You can spend a lifetime skydiving and still feel excited and inspired by every. single. jump. Few would argue that their first jump was one of the best, most memorable, intense, and ultimately rewarding experiences of all time. Ready to feel the rush and join the tribe? Let's go!

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