Skydiving Exits: Backflips and so much more

Skydiving Exits: Backflips and so much more

Published: January 29, 2018

This is it. You're doing it. Nothing can stop you now. You're going SKYDIVING. And there's only one thing you want to know: Can I do any fun skydiving exits out of the plane? Maybe a backflip or a spin out the door?

After all, you're already making that leap (pun totally intended), so you want to jam pack every second with action. What better way than hurling yourself out that door in a frenzy of twists and backflips?

Skydiving Safety First

Well, the short answer for all you first-timers is: "No backflips or spins for tandem skydiving exits." No matter what, that first jump will blow your mind - but your instructor's job is safety first.

"But we're SKYDIVING", you're saying to yourself. "Doesn't safety go out the door?" The only thing going out the door is you and your skydiving instructor - in a nice, stable body position. And as fun as backflipping is, nothing is more fun than walking away from a skydive to do it again. And again.

Get Licensed to Get Your Skydiving Exit Groove On

A lot of people think skydiving is a once in a life time kinda thing - and for some it certainly is. But for a whole lot of first-timers, skydiving also becomes an instant addiction - and an instant sport. That means they go on to become licensed to skydive by themselves, and even jump with other licensed skydivers to share fun things like formation skydiving.

That's the point when flips and turns can really get cooking. In fact, backflips and spins are just scratching the surface of the many types of skydiving body positons you can experiment with.

Skydiving Exit Techniques You Want to Try

Take a look at some examples of some of the best skydiving exits experienced jumpers have come up with:

The Tube: If you want to get your spin on, this is the exit for you. You're basically making a wheel in the sky where each person is holding onto the ankles of the person in front of them. Good for close friends. (Or strangers. We're all friends in the sky.)

Horny Gorilla: We imagine this exit is probably as awkward and unpredictable as an encounter with an actual horny gorilla. Everyone gets their legs intertwined and falls out the door. You become the world's largest badminton birdie. It's bananas!

Train: Imagine a Chinese dragon flying through the sky. Everyone hooks their feet in the armpits of the person in front of them and goes for the ride.

Rodeo: We've only ever seen this done with two people, but, hey, you never know. One person rides on the back of the other like they're holding on for dear life to that rodeo bull. Yeehaw!

Mr. Bill: To pay proper homage to the famous SNL character, you wrap your legs around and hold onto the harness of his nemesis "Sluggo". Mr. Bill then hangs on with everything he's got while Sluggo deploys his parachute. When it's successful, Mr. Bill gets to let go and accelerate back into freefall.

Remember - these are just a few examples of skydiving exits you can try. Be creative and invent your own. After all - the sky's the limit.

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