Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

Top 4 Benefits of Skydiving

Published: July 10, 2019

You've landed here because you want to find out about the awesome benefits of skydiving, right?
But... can we step up on a soapbox for a minute? Okay -- great. Here it goes...

It feels like these are uncertain times in our country and world. People are looking for -- heck, they *need* -- stress-reducing, positive experiences that boost their (let's face it, shaky) happiness index. That may have been true since time was time, but we believe it's truer than ever now.

We also believe skydiving can help with that.

Sound crazy? It actually isn't. We'd like to focus your attention on the mental health benefits of skydiving that you probably didn't even know existed. The after-effects of skydiving are ridiculously positive, as the experience can deliver a cornucopia of great stuff from just one jump. (Though, after you've experienced the benefits of skydiving for yourself, you probably won't do just one. Just sayin'.)

1. Relaxation

What a surprise, right?! Well: skydiving is one of the most stress-relieving sports you're liable to run across. Why? It's probably the contrast. Your nervousness on the way to that first time tandem skydive will contrast starkly with the relief you feel when you realize you've met the challenge and landed smiling. You'll melt into a happy puddle of thrilled contentment. Ahhhhhhh.

2. Euphoria

"Thrilled contentment" sounds like a contradiction in terms, we know. The feeling is better described as being a total, bone-deep euphoria -- a bubbly, sweet happiness that sets you glowing from head to foot, and lasts long after your actual skydive is over. It feels amazing. You owe it to yourself to try it on for size.

3. Empowerment

For a person who doesn't know anything about skydiving, it's easy to imagine that someone would only try skydiving because they have "nothing left to lose." That is total blarney.

The truth is almost exactly to the contrary: skydivers seek to engage more with living their lives. Skydivers are looking to take the reins. They're looking to do something truly incomparable for themselves. And they meet all those goals with a skydive.

4. Mindfulness

Some of us like to think that skydiving is the ultimate meditation practice. If that blows your mind a little bit, listen up: To leap out of an airplane above the mundane world below, among the clouds, with the birds, far above (and most certainly in spite of) the crowd of voices that's so full of negativity these days - that's meditation. Skydiving is pure presence. Your inner monologue, perhaps for one single time in your life, will leave you the heck alone.

Well: Now you know. As crazy as it might seem to the newcomer, the after-effects of skydiving are powerful, for sure. And y'know what? No matter which way you slice it, the benefits of skydiving add up to make you feel incredible, even (especially?) if you haven't really felt incredible in a very long time.

Who knew that stress-relieving sports could be so exciting? We did! So do yourself a healthy favor and make your reservation today.

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Thank you Erika and Joe for making my, my brother's and my cousin's first jump a memorable experience. And the videos and pictures are amazing, to boot. You guys are good at everything!

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