What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

What To Wear for the First Time Skydiving

Published: January 31, 2019

The date is rapidly approaching. On the calendar, it's circled in red - twice for good measure (as if you'd ever forget). After years of waiting, it's finally happening. You're bound and determined to look your best and make a great first impression. But - what should you wear for your first time skydiving?

You realize: there will be lights, camera, action - with you as the center of attention. Modeling outfit after outfit in the mirror, you can't seem to figure it out. You might not be doling out tips about this season's must-have looks, but you've got a general grasp on what matches and can contrive appropriate outfits for various occasions. It's just you've never product tested anything you own in a 120-mph free fall. Exactly what items in a wardrobe can possibly able to handle that?

Fret not our fashion-frustrated reader! We've got good news for you. We happen to be resident experts when comes to what to wear for the first-time skydiving, so listen up.

1. Appropriate Apparel for Skydiving

Okay. First things first when you're piecing together your skydiving ensemble: your go-to skydiving garments should be well fitting, flexible, and functional. Remember, skydiving is a sport, and so, activewear is usually the way to go. You'll be comfortable, protected, and able to move freely. All important things for someone who's skydiving.

2. Foolproof Fashion Formula

Pair together layers! The temperature at altitude is somewhere around 30 degrees cooler than it is on the ground. While your first thought may be to bring a bulky coat to keep yourself toasty, don't! Compose your first-time skydiving get-up out of several thin layers. These multiple layers trap warm air between them, which act as insulation. Ask any outdoor enthusiast - in most situations, a layering technique is the most effective way to protect yourself from the cold.

3. Keep it Simple

Avoid overly-long or loose clothing with hoods or other embellishments. They all like to flap about rather rapidly in freefall and can become uncomfortable, not to mention potentially dangerous, as they whip about. Simplicity is key. Your ideal skydiving outfit wouldn't be considered avant-garde, and sporting it, you might not make it to New York Fashion Week. But that's okay because it's perfect for your tandem jump at Skydive Long Island.

4. Cover Up, Hotstuff

Another pro tip we have to offer is to keep yourself covered (yes, really.). Short sleeves and shorts may seem like the right summer skydiving choice on a hot day - but trust us, long layers are the best way to protect your skin from the sun, the cold air at altitude, and the grass (if we have to slide in a landing).

Or if you're looking for something even sturdier to wear for your first skydive, we can provide you with a skydiving jumpsuit - free of charge! Just slip it on over your clothes and get to freefalling! Don't worry about standing out. In fact, you'll actually fit right in. Most solo skydivers don jumpsuits to produce uniform drag and to keep their clothing safe from dirt or damage.

5. Only Accessorize with a Smile

The right accessories can really make an outfit pop - but NOT when it comes to skydiving. On a skydive, jewelry or hair accessories are a big no-no. Jewelry can get snagged (OUCH) on clothing or be ripped away (BUMMER!) by the quick speeds of freefall (same goes for your GoPro, btw).

For those with long hair... unless you want to look like Cousin Itt in your skydiving video or be left with knots and tangles the likes of which you've never seen, secure your strands back in a low ponytail.

6. (Not so) Fancy Footwear

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of kicks. We know your white Nikes might be fresh, but unless you're willing to get them dirty, it's best to save their adventure sport debut for another time. Another BIG skydiving fashion faux pas is to wear heels, footwear with hooks, flip-flop sandals, or slides. For your skydive, select a sturdy sneaker that fits securely and provides enough support that you could jog around the block in them. Oh, and a word of advice - pull those laces tight! Freefall loves to snag a shoe (or two!) from the unwitting feet of first-time skydivers.

There you have it! You're one-stop style guide to what to wear for skydiving. Just follow our simple tips when you're picking out the perfect outfit, and you'll be set. We can't wait to help make your skydiving fashion debut at Skydive Long Island (yupp - you can book online right now.)

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