Why Do People Skydive For Fun?

Why Do People Skydive For Fun?

Published: November 21, 2022

There are a slew of reasons why people skydive. The answers are not always what you think they are and can be different for everyone!

Some people skydive for the freedom they feel when they jump out of a "perfectly good airplane." Some people do it for the thrill. Some actually use skydiving to get over their fear of heights. And some people just love a good ol' fashioned unobstructed, bird's-eye view of our magnificent planet Earth. But most people skydive for fun!

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Yes! Skydiving is one of the most fun and enjoyable things you can do on this planet! Skydiving is unique in the sense that you conquer a fear, take a risk, and challenge yourself in a way you maybe never imagined yourself doing. And it's in those moments when you're freefalling at 120+ mph or under a beautiful canopy floating down to the Earth that you realize why it was all worth it. There's a special life lesson there that everyone who experiences a skydive tends to carry with them after their jump and even years down the road.

What is it about skydiving that is so fun? We've got three main reasons ... so let's get to it!


The skydiving community is an all-around, inclusive culture that LOVES to celebrate their unique differences. You'll find that skydivers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and abilities, and they all have one thing in common: they love to skydive!

Skydivers all come together because they all are pretty much the same type of person on the inside. The type of person who skydives is usually a curious, tenacious, hyper goal-focused individual with a desire to take a real bite out of life and have loads of FUN!

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Skydiving has the ability to change your entire life in just a single jump. That first jump gives you a glimpse into a world of pure euphoria that maybe you never even knew existed. You'll feel amazing all-around: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Once you get a taste of that adrenaline and endorphin rush, you'll find yourself wanting more and more. The flood of dopamine and serotonin that impacts your body during and even after your skydive is what makes skydiving so addicting!


The major benefits of skydiving can be seen by the glow of your face following your skydive, but it can really be felt. You'll feel like you're going to burst with happiness, excitement, and pride. This is something you have GOT to experience to really get it.

Skydiving Therapy

Not only is skydiving fun, skydiving can be therapeutic. There's something about being thousands of feet above Earth that seems to melt your problems away. All of a sudden you no longer feel bound by any burden, obligation, or stressors - you just feel FREE!

Practice Mindfulness

Skydiving is like meditating as it helps you practice mindfulness. At Skydive Long Island, you'll be required to focus on what you should be doing while following your instructor's guidance. From the plane ride to altitude to the peaceful canopy ride, you'll have no other choice than to totally revel in this moment and be fully present (and you can't bring your phone). You can literally feel yourself escaping the mundane world and all the negativity that surrounds you, suddenly your mind becomes quiet. Ahhh.

Skydiving therapy


You'll feel empowered and totally in control of your life, maybe even for the first time ever. You've accomplished something amazing regardless of what people have told you (or maybe even what you've told yourself) - and THAT is an incredible feeling! Not to mention, the support you'll feel from everyone at the dropzone can give you all the warm 'n fuzzies.

This is our "why," but maybe yours is different. What will be the reason you skydive for fun?

Are you ready to experience all the fun there is to have? Get your skydive fun on with Skydive Long Island and be on the lookout for holiday deals and gift certificates for our upcoming skydiving season! Blue skies.

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